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Friday, February 3, 2012 by {darlene}

I had a recent client who reached out to me with a design dilemma in her home. She sent me this photo:

Her dilemma was this:

“My family and I moved into our home 9 months ago and I am stumped as to how to include the french doors when decorating. At first, I thought I would hang another set of drapes to keep the look cohesive with the window drapes.  But, then I realized it has those silly shelves that butt-up on one side. So what now? …  I’m stumped. Help!”

Privacy and light control were not issues in this spot in her home, so I had very few limitations in choosing a solution.

Maybe you share a similar dilemma??

So, since pictures say a thousand words, I had some quick Photoshop fun to help my client better visualize her options, and I came up with these three choices:

1: a diy chevron pelmet box, crafted to match her diy curtains:

2: hang plates above the doors to add visual interest and height:

3: hang an additional curtain on one side of the glass doors:

It is so much fun, and SO helpful, to get to see the Afters before you do them!

Number one was my top suggestion. I think that the pelmet box offers the most impact, texture, and design style to the space, as well as giving balance to the room.

Do you have this dilemma in your home? Does it help you to see the “Afters” before you dive into a project?

Which one would you pick?

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