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Thursday, February 23, 2012 by {darlene}

In the few times that I have been to a spa, my favorite thing about it is the atmosphere.

Candles. Fresh fragrance. Soft Music. Peace and Quiet. Details that Pamper.

And while I am still holding out hope that I will suddenly turn into a “regular spa girl,” it is probably not going to happen. Truth be told? I would rather spend my resources elsewhere anyway!

Instead, I would rather turn a tiny bit of focus toward creating the Spa Experience here at my own home. Adding a Touch of Spa to my own bathroom seems like a much more effective use of my time and money. That way, the spa is waiting for me… every day.

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For more, and for a list of {easy, inexpensive} ways to add Spa to your Bathroom, click here to head over and read the rest at Roomag.com….

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  • Loved your post! Any recommendations for divine white towels that pass the test of time? I’ve tried a couple and am still on the hunt . . . Also, finding a white terry long robe has proved to be like hunting for the golden egg!

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