blown away by YOU
Thursday, March 22, 2012 by {darlene}

I have been blown away by you!

If you are looking for some really good reading today at Fieldstone Hill, you can find it in the comment section of my last post. You all are amazing!! We just began diving into a series called “Overcoming Decorating Paralysis,” and I threw out my thoughts on what I {really} think about decorating. And YOU all told me what YOU really think too. And I am so thrilled, because now this is OUR series… not just mine.

Thank you to everyone who shared, from the bottom of your hearts, what YOU {really} think about this inner struggle. And if you have not shared yet, and feel compelled, please do chime in… or at the very least, read these amazing comments and be inspired.

~ ~ ~

One more quick read that will be so SO SO sooooo worth it:

On Tuesday, we chatted hard about the significance of beauty, art, or plain-old-eye-candy. Most days here at Fieldstone Hill are “shallow.” Just eye-candy and fun. And what of the shallow shores of a deep ocean?? One of the commenters pointed me to this A.MAZ.ING devotion by Oswald Chambers {oh yes. he is GOOD!}, and it is really, REALLY worth clicking over and soaking in these thoughts.

~ ~ ~

I was so busy spilling my guts on Tuesday that I forgot to send all of you over to, to read my contributing article about appreciating the Dreams we already have! I would love to connect with you over there. And thank you so much to all of my readers who have encouraged and supported me over there. I cannot begin to tell you how it has heartened me.

~ ~ ~

And I have had just about enough {insert me, in a tiara, stomping my foot.} of these posts that have no eye-candy. Basta! The time has come to gaze on something lovely, no? Check out this little corner of a room by one of my favorite designers, Garrow Kedigian. How can so much texture and detail be crammed into one tiny little corner???? He has me daydreaming about layering fabrics and sophisticated patterns… not to mention the sassy scarlet and turquoise:

{design by Garrow Kedigian; image via Elle Decor}

~ ~ ~

Phew. Well, all there is left to say is, you all blow me away! Yes, YOU! Thank YOU for being a part of our new series.

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