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Friday, March 23, 2012 by {darlene}

My latest Design Board was done for Sara of August Fields.

Sara and I had so much fun working together. If you peruse Sara’s blog, you will discover that Sara is quite a talented home decorator herself, so I was thrilled that Sara found a great benefit in working with a designer to help her come up with a complete vision for her entire space. There is nothing more fun {or helpful} than bouncing your ideas back and forth with creative minds.

Sara wanted hints of nautical colors {and not theme-y please!}, with several fun splashes of Salmon. Now how fun is that? Turns out, very fun:

What I love about this space:

1. The Salmon and Coral splashes. {I have a whole Salmon/Coral/Peach Pinterest Board. Are you a fan of Salmon?}

2. That we were able to reuse existing furnishings, but make the whole space feel fresh and bright.

3. The nautical blue throughout. Especially that chair and those curtains… and the backs of the built-ins!!

4. Octopus art on the built-ins.

5. Portrait lamps – one of my favorite details in a room.

6. It is all about comfort… but still gorgeous!

7. A rattan trunk for a coffee table.

8. Touches that are reminiscent of the sea, such as coral, an oyster shell cross, and scalloped pillows that make me think of mermaids.

What do you think of this Design? I love hearing your thoughts!


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Be sure to buzz over to Sara’s blog to read more about this space

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  • We’ve lived overseas twice now and traveled extensively. My souvenirs have been pieces of art from the places we’ve been. One of my favorite locations is Italy, and I was in Venice again this fall. I noticed recently as I was still searching for some accessories for our master bedroom that I’ve been drawn to artwork that has that salmon/coral/light clay color that is found on the buildings there- it surprised me, but now my conservative little self is considering adding a few pops of that shade!

  • i LOVE this! love the bookcases with the dark colored backing!

  • Can’t tell you how much I love this! I love how bright and airy it feels. I so appreciate that in a basement. I hate feeling like I’m decending into a cave.

  • This is great! Definitely doesn’t feel like a basement. I will have to remember this when we’re are finishing out our basement … one day, hopefully sooner rather than later! :) Off topic, but I would love to see some examples of dark, almost black, black-brown built-ins & bookcases with a painted back.

  • Gorgeous!! I love a not too themed nautical style and you accomplished that so well!! Lovely lovely!!

  • well darlene….you KNOW i absolutely LOVED working with you and what you came up with!

    the two prints are in the gilted frames waiting to be hung, the rug is down and furniture properly arranged….hopefully the bookcases get painted this weekend and i can post an update.

    you are a creative genius. thank you!!

  • Oh how I love the salmon with the navy blue!! Fabulous room.

  • Just found your blog through Lori at Bleak 2 Unique! I LOVE the idea of being a “master designer” and I added the button to my blog! I’d love to be added to the blog roll if you have a chance! Blessings.

  • What a beautiful basement – warm and cozy. Adore the bookcases and the great trunk for a coffee table!

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