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Friday, March 30, 2012 by {darlene}

I love Craigslist. Yes, oh, yes I do.

I have a love affair with old furniture. Truth be told? I really don’t think there are many new pieces out there that have:

1. beautiful lines {ugh. the cankles on most new chairs are horrific!}

2. good quality.

In fact, if you want both of these characteristics. It seems that you need to purchase HIGH high end, designer pieces.

So, in hopes of scoring furniture with good lines and good bones, I keep the furniture section of Craigslist as my home page. And now that I am a PRO Craigslist lady, thanks to my darling friend Kelly {who is also a Master Designer}, I am really scoring some amazing stuff.  You really MUST read her post on how to become a Craigslist super ninja! Click here or on the picture below:

{via Kelly at View Along the Way}

Now. onto my score.

Do you see the pretty white console in this picture?? The lacquer Ming Table on the left? Yes. Nice little number. From designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. To the tune of $870 dollars.

OR! If you have friends like Kelly, and have become a Craigslist ninja, you could happen upon THIS for $100. Same. exact. table.

And if you happen to have the PERFECT spot for it… a lonely spot that has been waiting for a very narrow vanity next to your sink…

{see more of my Fieldstone Hill bathroom here}

Well, then. SCORE, I say!!!!

Frou-frouing up this corner is low on my HUGE list of home decorating, renovation, restoration projects. But, I am hoping to style it up one of these days, and show you a gorgeous new vanity spot. Perfect for primping. Which, I tend to do a lot of….

What has your latest good score been? If you have a post about it, I would love for you to leave a link for it in the comments!

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  • What a STEAL! That is just gorgeous! Now if we could just get some amazing furniture listed here in Atlanta… :)

    Thanks for the link love!

  • wow! what a score- i LOVE that table!

  • This is slightly opposite of what you mean, but since we’re in the pre-moving period, I have been able to SHED some excess that we won’t have to take back to the States…less to unpack on the other end is always good! :) Rejoicing with you over your find!

  • Cankles on chairs! That made me laugh. So true.

    That’s an amazing find by the way.

  • Woo hoo Darlene I love your great table, fabulous!

    I will be sharing some of my finds in a post soon.

    In the meantime..
    Please come visit to enter the amazing Cross Bottle Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  • Wow! That is a steal. Pays to shop Craigs list, I never have I think I need to read Kelly’s post.

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a gorgeous piece – I cannot believe you were able to get that for $100. I’m convinced. I will start checking out Craigslist and will read Kelly’s post now. S.

  • Darlene, I’m so happy for you! Such a feeling of satisfaction. Now, I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in your ‘necessary’ room. :D

    My score is not Craig’s List. It’s the front yard of my neighbor’s house a block away. They dismantled a large french provincial cabinet, which made restoration of the huge cabinet impossible, and it would have been too large anyway. BUT…I did walk away, literally, with 4 – 6ft cabinet doors that have the mini chicken wire inserts. I have no idea what I’ll be doing with them. In the meantime…one is trying to send me inspiring signals as it’s leaning seductively in the corner of my living room.

    Now on my way to study Kelly’s great post.
    And thanks!!!

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