While the gettin’s good
Thursday, March 8, 2012 by {darlene}

Today and yesterday in the Northeast, the weather has been glorious. In fact, this is what the boys are doing as I sit and chat with you:

And we have been busy as bees at Fieldstone Hill. I have been getting serious about my commitment to “DO!”


* * *

Yesterday, we started to clean up the garden, getting it ready for tilling and soon, planting of early spring treats. Like Arugula. My mouth is watering at the prospect.

We already found a few surprises: Boys found earthworms and black dirt. Of course, the spearmint has started its hostile takeover.  I found a broccoli, already growing and blooming.

* * *

And, we are not only at work outside, but inside as well. We are painting the living room, with its abundance of trim… and I am LOVING how it is looking so far. Want a sneak peak? okay!!! Golly, you all can talk me into anything!

The color is actually a bit darker than it appears in the photo. Remember the Design Board for this room? The color is Deep Secret, from Benjamin Moore’s new Color Stories line.

* * *

On top of that, I am finally making progress on an oil-painting that has been on my to-“do” list for over a year and a half!

* * *

Every day, I am learning something new about balancing The Life Worth Living, and balancing this deliciously wonderful business of Fieldstone Hill Design. Without a doubt, it is requiring daily choices and tremendous scheduling and self-control. I have to regularly remind myself that this business is mine for the adjusting. That is the joy of having it at all.

So, be warned: The gettin’ is good:

Right now, I am temporarily adjusting my Design Availability,

1. For a limited time, I have temporarily closed my wait list for Single-Question Consults and Email Consults.

2. My wait list is only temporarily open for Vision Design Boards, and I plan to close it if it fills up too much more {so get it while the gettin’s good!}.


3. March will be the last month, until I resurrect it in the Fall, for the FHD Monthly giveaway to win a chance at a free Single-Question Consult. Sooo, again, Get it while the gettin’s good!

Oh, and while I am chit-chatting about the Giveaway, I have added a few more ways to enter to win. One of which is following Fieldstone Hill Design on Facebook {did you know that I share extra stuff with my Facebook peeps, like my growing list of ‘beautiful things?’}

* * *

Aside from the joy of flexibility, the true joy of Fieldstone Hill Design is my clients.

I want to give a special thanks to my sweet client, Sara of August Fields. I will be sure to share her Design Board here on Fieldstone Hill Design, so that I can tell you my favorite bits and pieces. But you can see it first over at Sara’s! You will love her warm blog, filled with glimpses of a beautiful, dedicated, and growing family.

* * *

Of course, all of these happenings have taken place over the course of at least a month; or more… and every project we have started is left unfinished. Oh, except for the snuggling part. That is never neglected, or left unfinished, around here!

Lots of Do-ing around Fieldstone Hill! If you had declared a “word of the year,” how are you doing?

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  • Goodness gracious, girl!!! Where to start? The Deep Secret is looking so lovely. And your painting! So pretty, Poppy! You really need to put more painting on your DO list. And, broccoli and arugula…coming for dinner, I am, bringing my kiddos to play in the creek with the FHD kiddos. And your basement design–right on! Blue is always a favorite.

    And, you are so smart to embrace your flexibility. I think it is a gift and so necessary for happiness for the mommy-homeschool-artist woman.

  • what a sweet photo of your little ones enjoying the outdoors! and you wall color- OH MA GAW! it is beautiful -loving that wall sconce as well. And did I read that right- you painted that red poppy??? Its beautiful! so when are you going to open an etsy shop???

  • Darlene, I absolutely love your painting – you are so talented! And, the blue grey of your living room walls with those sconces looks amazing…can’t wait to see the final product. As always, you’re an inspiration.

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