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Thursday, April 12, 2012 by {darlene}

FHD’s  “ A Room I Love” series….just a simple hello, from me to you, featuring a Room that I Love, and a quick list of why I love it. Do you love it?:




1. gray brown velvet. Can’t get enough.

2. two sofas facing each other. love that. It is a dream for conversation. Not to mention the joys of symmetry.

3. those built-ins. love me some built-ins. Especially when painted like that…. loving the blue with a crisp, dramatic white stripe!

4. mirror backed shelves.

5. those fur covered stools. oh my.

6. a coffee table made in gold. anything in gold, for that matter.

7. ceiling to floor drapes that match the built-ins.

8. the textured, metallic wallpaper.

9. punches of coral. A luscious punch color in this space!


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  • Mirrored shelves enlarge the space, esp like how the stools and color are reflected in the mirror behind the stools. There must be a coral chair opposite the bookshelves? The warm and cool colors are a win-win for me!

  • oh wow! this room literally gave me chills when I saw it! hubba-hubba!

  • Absolutely love the symmetry! And the fur stools, but not so much the mirrors. Great bookcases, though!

  • I love something not seen…the sophistication of the room that is really simple when you break it down. I tend to make things hard but breaking it down makes the task have some order to it. I also tend to do an all or nothing plan when I decorate a room…I want to get all the pieces in order then put it all together at one time. ( I think it’s the maximum impact thing…). But because of that, I tend to not get the rooms completed; I either run out of steam or I get discouraged. I think if I just break down the parts and make a list then just get to it, I can achieve the looks I want.

  • Ok, I love the way the room looks. It’s fabulous. But, it wouldn’t fly for my family. When our couch is perpendicular to the TV no one sits on it. Couches situated like this are fantastic for conversation, but not TV watching – no matter what people say about the TV being able to swivel or whatever. Just doesn’t work for our crew at least.

    • It is SO important to know what would work for you and your family! I do like this set up for lying down and watching tv, and there are also coral chairs that you can only see in the mirror reflection. These face the TV.

  • We are in the middle of a remodel and I am currently designing the bookshelves that will go into our family room. This photo is very similar to the style I am looking for – with a big TV that makes my husband happy! I am also thinking of doing our sofas like the picture but our club chairs would be facing the TV -so…………perfect timing on your photo.
    So – my vote is LOVE IT

  • Can you tell me the color of paint on the cabinets?? Loooove them!!! Plan to paint my kitchen cabinets that color..

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