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Monday, April 9, 2012 by {darlene}

We have been talking a lot about defining your own style and identifying what you love.

For me, part of the process is to find other interior designers that inspire me; to narrow down to a tiny handful that, no matter the project, their spaces make me oooh and ahhh. My list evolves, but currently, I adore Tyler Dawson, Garrow Kedigian, and Katie Ridder. I did a post on Tyler’s amazing spaces, and will eventually get to one on Garrow {although I have featured his work in this ditto and this ditto. They are worth the click-over!}.

Well, today I am excited to share Katie Ridder with you. She is a mastermind of texture, symmetry, global influence, and – most adoringly – of pattern.

She has a design book that has recently been released. Her style fills the pages. In my opinion, this is a design book is worth getting. {You can click on the affiliate-link photo below, or CLICK HERE
to get your own. Thank you darlin’s!}:

Now, on to pour over some of Katie’s amazing spaces. Katie employs some of my favorite over-arching themes in interior design. Try to be on the hunt for these design elements in the photos of her spaces below:

1. Mixing modern with traditional lines

2. Using gorgeous patterns with joy

3. Mixing neutrals with bold colors

4. Playing with lush texture

5. Symmetry reigns supreme


6. Mixing warm and cool colors in nearly every space

Which room is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite interior designer? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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  • Looks like a very interesting book. I am pretty old school so Charles Faudree is my favorite. I do like to add a touch of modern every now and then, so this book would be fun. Hugs, marty

  • Darlene, I LOVE the striped wood floors in the kitchen picture. Sign me up for those! Can’t seem to get enough stripes these days… Thanks for sharing Katie with us! -Kristen

  • I like the office/library room best. Because I like almost every shade of blue there is and blue + orange is my favorite compliment pairing. And I like how much she crams into that small space without it feeling crowded.

  • Oh I am totally with you on this one!! Just adore Katie’s work. I did a review of her book a while back – it was my favorite of the season – not only beautiful images but beautiful produced with creative thoughtful touches. Oh and did I mention nice? Katie wrote me a lovely note after the review was on the blog – how many people do that?!

  • Hey lady! I love all the bright colors she uses and my fav is the floors in that kitchen!

  • Hey Darlene, I am so happy to find your blog! I mentioned you on my blog today. I hope you will pop over and read! Sounds like we have a lot in common! I signed up to follow your blog and on pinterest! I invite you to do the same! Looking forward to getting to know you better! Have a great day!

  • Oh! Favorite designers. You asked about if we had any favorite designers!

    I don’t know if bloggers count who aren’t professional designers, but I love Michele Raven over at Primp and the author of Three Pixie Lane. You know how you were saying it’s easy to find things we like, but hard to find things we LOVE. Until I saw their blogs/homes, I could say that, too, but if one of them would come over to my house and recreate the same style/feel, I know I would love it. (Because I love every inch of their spaces. I just don’t know how to DO that.)

  • It is so hard to say who is my favorite designer as I love so many of them from Jan Showers to Barbara Barry to Phoebe Howard and I can go on…I love things about each of them…My favorite room?…hard to say when all of them are so gorgeous…but if I had to, I think I would choose the last living room…very classic…and the office is stunning…

    Actual Interior Designers in blogland?…I love Stacy Curran’s style at Conspicuous Style…great, great style…and of course yours too…love your fresh approach to design…So many talented people out there!

    Thank you for presenting Katie’s rooms they are truly amazing..such a talent!

  • You will love a gal from Greenville if you don’t already know of her…Mayme Baker (http://maymebakerstudio.com/) And I think my fav space up above is the dining room. Love the fun colors.

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