Happy Easter
Friday, April 6, 2012 by {darlene}

Hello sweet friends! To those readers who celebrate, a Blessed Good Friday to you and your families. And a Joyous Easter!!!

Spring at Fieldstone Hill {<- click for a tour of our home}:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holy Week. The Significance. The History. The Weight. The Drama. The Simplicity. The Contrast. {hmmm. does it surprise you that I love simplicity, drama and contrast?}.

I am going to take it easy this weekend… and may not show up on Monday with a Ditto post. Or I may. {smile. I am keeping my options open}. I may only post once next week. Who knows. All I know is that life is going faster than I am…. and my head is spinning. But good things are going on here at Fieldstone Hill

My Design work, as well as my design-writing work, has kept me busy AND

I am revamping my Design Service offerings!

Not too much will change, BUT I am introducing two NEW Design Services. You can hop over to My Design Page {which is under-construction a bit!} for a sneak peak at what is to come. Details coming soon!!!!!

In the meantime: Enough work, Darlene! Basta!!!!

Time to enjoy my favorite Holiday of the year. You know. The one that changed everything.

I hope you all enjoy a fantastically beautiful Easter weekend with your loved ones.

{my firstborn; Easter 2011}

{stop and smell the flowers! My second born; Easter 2011}

{my two little bunnies from Easter 2010}

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