a birthday post :: a few of my favorite things
Monday, May 14, 2012 by {darlene}

No ditto post today.

I am playing hookie.

Actually, today is my birthday, and I have always loved playing hookie on my birthday.

These are a few of my favorite things

* * * * *

My boys

{no surprise there. My boys are hands-down my favorite things}

The land at Fieldstone Hill

{walnut trees. rich soil. blackberry creek.}


Favorite colors

{orange. fuchsia. chartreuse. gold.}

Lago Maggiore, Italy

{where to even begin? I am not sure I have ever been so alive.}


{If I had one hour to live, I would spend it snuggling my boys}

Laughing out loud with the people I love

{nothing better than a belly laugh with your head thrown back and your mouth wide}

Heady and fragrant flowers

{english rose, gardenia, lily of the valley, lilac, peony}

The smell of fresh grass in Spring

{pure and sweet, it makes me feel ready to take on the world}

An unhurried morning

{life happens here}


{pure. from the earth. rough. useful. beautiful.}


{and my Grandma Nellie’s Pasta Sauce. My two most favorite foods}

{image via}

Knowing the Master Designer


Annual anniversary adventures with my honey

{every year, we get out of town, just the two of us. We have this tradition of taking a pic together in the mirror in our different hotel rooms. We have 12 years of these pics…and counting}

It’s a really fun little present to yourself to think about all the small things that are really your favorite things.

What are a few or your favorite things??


*Family photos were taken by our wonderful photographer, Amy of Allenaim Photography

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