a room I love :: a simple bedroom nook with great geometrics
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by {darlene}

Thank you SO much, sweet friends, for your kind birthday wishes! It was a wonderful day, chillin’ with my men! And thanks for your love and sweet words about my list of Favorite Things. Yep. They are still my favorite.

FHD’s  “ A Room I Love” series….just a simple hello, from me to you, featuring a Room that I Love, and a quick list of why I love it. Do you love it?:

{design by Erica Islas, photo via}


1. that stunning burlap headboard. I know you amazing DIY-ers are dreaming up ideas as we speak…

2. the simplicity of a white mirror on a white background. I LOVE how the mirror adds visual texture this way.

3. a classy bedside stand that breathes with tall, thin legs

4. 3/4-tall horizontal-boarded paneling, topped with lovely gray walls.

5. pale gray linen drapes that echo the walls, and let the light filter in.

6. layered blue tones on the bed pillows.

7. great geometrics: circular mirror. crisp rectangular side table. Trapezoid lampshade. Lots of crisp lines. The cutout edges on the headboard.

8. Layered white bedding. Makes me want to climb in.

9. Fuchsia flowers. The crowning touch to a well designed space.



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Labeled: A room I love


  • I like the lamp and how it lets the light shine through, the beautiful flowers and the quilted bedding!

  • Darlene, great find. I love the mix of textures and geometrics with a simple color scheme! It’s contemporary, vintage, and traditional looking all at once.

  • Love is an understatement… I love how the round mirror is used as an art piece rather than a vanity statement.

  • I love the bedside table! Wish I had it for my bedroom! :) It’s practical for storage, a beautiful wood piece, that appeals to both contemporary and traditional styles, and the legs give it a slightly feminine touch among the more masculine elements. I like the rug, too!

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