before and after :: Fieldstone Hill’s living room reveal
Thursday, May 3, 2012 by {darlene}

“Almost doesn’t count.”

Unless it’s in horseshoes, hand grenades, or the backseat of a ’57 chevy.


if you are ALMOST finished decorating your living room, save your art and your curtains. Then, “Almost” counts!

Since it will likely be a while before we get our curtains {I am going to wait until I can buy the silk gold ones on my board} and I finish painting my own art {ahem. NOT going to happen until school is out}, I think I will just show you our “Almost After” pictures. I just couldn’t wait to show you how far this room has come.

So, without further ado, here are a few Before Pictures:

Here is my FHD Vision Design Board for the Living Room’s new look:

and HERE is our Living Room, Happily {Almost} After:

Oh, and I am SO excited to share my sources with you! {Out of courtesy to my paying clients, I usually don’t share sources, but, since I didn’t pay a cent for this design – tee hee – I am going to spill the beans}:

1. The rug: Safavieh Mahal in Navy, 9 x 12, via Overstock

2. The sconces: World’s Away Randolph Gold Leaf sconces, via Layla Grace

3. The Mongolian sheep pillow covers: 16″ in white, via West Elm

4. Paint color on walls: Deep Secret by Benjamin Moore, in Matte

5. Paint color on coffee table: Museum Piece by Benjamin Moore, in Semi-Gloss {yet to be waxed in gloss}

6. Gold paint on velvet wingback chairs {tutorial coming soon} and gold paint behind the bar shelves: Liquid Leaf in classic gold

7. The velvet wingback chairs and bamboo chinoiserie chairs were scored on Craigslist. Check out this post if you want to start finding great stuff on Craigslist.

8. The awesome brass candlesticks were a find and a gift from my sweet friend Carrie. Post about her sweet-ness coming soon. Now, that is a good friend.

9. Mirror: old Pottery barn

10. Brass captain’s glass: An antique replica bought somewhere in the South in a roadside antique shop.

11. The marble around our fireplace and on our bar is Chocolate marble.

12. Pretty much everything else in the room has been owned by us for at least 10 years or more {including a bunch of those liquor bottles}.  Nearly all of our furniture comes from family hand-me-downs, used-furniture shops, or Craigslist. I am a lover and supporter of old furniture.

Well, there you have it. An “almost” finished living room. I must admit, it makes me smile to see my vision come to life… and to enjoy it with my precious family every day.

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  • Darlene, it looks so amazing! The wall color is the most beautiful shade of blue, those sconces are perfect, and I love how the rug brings the entire space together. Can’t wait to see the curtains and art added to the room!

  • That is just gorgeous! Cannot wait to see it with the drapes and artwork. Are you putting something over by the windows; a la Tara Dillard’s “vanishing threshold”?

  • Darlene – Your living room looks beautiful! I love the bit of modern in your vintage home.

  • 1. “Close only counts…” is one of my favorite (slightly racy) expressions. My husband introduced me to it years ago and it still makes me snort a little. 2. Virtual high five on the correct usage of “further ado.” I’ve been seeing some really weird abuses of it…”further adieu,” for example. They make me want to cry, and the fact that you used it correctly makes me like your blog even more. 3. That sounded elitist and condescending. Sorry, America. 4. Your living room!!!! I love that it’s elegant but so comfortable looking! I would absolutely ditto your amazing stone wall, the telescope!, the fun pop of orange, and your seating arrangement! I love the moody blue, too. 5. If you’ve had the same bottles for more than 10 years, you’re overdue for a party. ;)

  • Love it. Ready to sit down and read the Sibley Guide to Birds (one of our fave books, btw).

    xoxo michele

    PS – the telescope is divine. It is now on my wish list.

  • Super CUTE!!! I need you to visit my house!!

  • How wonderful to see the design board come to life! Beautiful room, Darlene. I LOVE the gold on those peach chairs–yea, peach! Fabulous chunky coffee table and luxe sofa. You’ve got some fine players. And, I think it is so smart to hold out for the curtains you really want. You won’t be sorry.

    Now, I want to hear more about the back of the ’57 Chevy…

  • Love this! Such an eclectic, collected look in gorgeous colors. Great craigslist scores and the perfect rug. Beautiful work!

  • Sheila / The Undecorated House

    I should be at the grocery store right now, but instead I am LOVING seeing your room in pictures. The gold paint looks fabulous on the chairs and the cabinet. The room is really reflecting your style now. Can’t wait to see the artwork you create for the room!


    It’s cozy, classic, unique, quirky, fun, cottage-modern and so YOU!
    I adore the fuzzy sheep pillows- yummmm…I just wanna squish ‘em!
    Aren’t bloggy friends the best? I have many reminders and blessings in my home from friends giving me their love, too!
    No further ado, either: when’s the party?
    P.S. I love Kahlua and cream.

  • Ahhhhh! It is just STUNNING! I can’t stop drooling over those glorious sconces and I’m SO glad you can share your sources this time because I would have died if I didn’t know where to find them. :) I love this whole room!

    PS – And thank you my sweet friend for sharing the craigslist link! :)

  • GORGEOUS!!! There are just so many incredible details I don’t know where to start! LOL! Love the juxtaposition of the brick and the more traditional elements alongside the chic and sophisticated pieces. The color palette is simply beautiful and I am so ready to come on over for a cocktail! :-) Well done Darlene!

  • AWESOME! love the colors, the vibe, love it all!

  • I’ve got a telescope in front of my fieldstone wall too! How funny.

  • A beauty. Love the gold touches throughout, the glam; love the traditional mixed with storied, eclectic pieces; lots of good texture here, inviting, warm; love the navy in the background of the rug, grounding and sophisticated. The color of the walls is a dark gray it appears with a blue tone? Looks almost like a dark moody navy, esp in the photos showing the light from the windows. Wall color choice is so hard and you nailed it. gutsy.

  • Simply gorgeous! Love the colors, textures and seating arrangement.

  • Oh, my goodness, Darlene. All that gorgeous millwork (my favorite kind–painted white) was just begging for a deep color on the walls. You obliged! What a wonderful choice–perfect complement to the beautiful woodwork and the stone. You’ve done a great job of adding a bit of glam to the rustic stone and adding a bit of glam without betraying the vernacular of your house. I love that!

    My Benjamin Moore fandeck is one of my most often-used tools. I bought one back in 2001. As I’ve told you, I’m certainly no designer, but what a wonderful thing it is to have one of these! All those gorgeous colors inspire such creativity. I’ll admit that the Historical Colors are my favorites. I’ve now switched to having colors I love mixed in Sherwin Williams’ Duration paint, but for color selection I always pull out that BM deck! :)

  • Classic, Beautiful, Welcoming, Cozy…it’s all that! LOVE it!!!!

  • It’s beautiful! Very much like you – at least from what I’ve gathered from your pins on pinterest and all your posts. Glamorous yet simple – are those in your words of personal style? I’ll have to hunt that down, I’m sure you must have them posted somewhere. I love the wall color and the rug and the gold and how it contrasts with the exposed stone and the rough hewn beams! Congratulations on having it “almost” done :)

  • Bravo, Darlene! It is fabulous. It is farmhouse glamour perfection.

  • Darlene, the room came out beautifully! Love all the chairs you found and of course the couch fringe. Enjoy it every day.

  • Darlene! So beautiful; I absolutely love the color combinations (chairs, couch, walls, rug, accessories). Can’t help but thinking of your “design words” it all captures the elegance and simplicity for which you’re striving. And SO much seating!! Everything looks grogeous as is, but it will be fun to save up for those gold drapes. Hope you’re enjoying your lovely space.

  • Those little sheep pillow covers rock and that stone wall is gorgeous with the built in. Did you paint!? :) I know you said you don’t do DIY so I’m wondering if you painted :) hehe. Those are some massive windows you have but they really look good bare also. Nicely done.

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