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Friday, May 11, 2012 by {darlene}

Today’s client has hired me for several Resourcing Consultations, over the course of many months.

This is an amazing way to get “a la carte” interior decorating services, and to bit by bit, change the look of your home. I have several clients who are unable to {or don’t desire to} change their entire room at once, but still want the help of a professional eye. So, they choose to work with me on several, individual Resourcing Consultations.

The process is fun, and the results are so rewarding. And the cost is SO manageable.

The following pics are a result of two Resourcing Consultations that my client chose to do in her dining room: one for her dining room light fixture and one for curtains {selecting, plus advice on hanging}.


and after two Resourcing Consultations, for the light and the curtains:


These two simple and classy changes have transformed my client’s dining room.

Not much changed in this space…. but EVERTHING is different;

- and the difference is in the details!


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  • Beautiful! the fixture it gorgeous. I’ve never seen it before. Can you share the source?

  • I just realized that was a silly question…considering that’s why you offer the resourcing consultations. I haven’t had my coffee yet. LOL. :-)

    • You know what they say: “there are no silly questions!” Hee hee! I do wish I could share resources, but you are right, I do not out of courtesy to my clients. I am so thrilled you like them though!! Thanks for your comment, Beth!

  • Oh MY Darlene! That’s gorgeous! What a difference. I wish I could hang my curtains at ceiling height; but my plaster walls disagree…if I don’t have to punch a hole through those things, I don’t. :/ Too bad I can’t command strip them up, haha.

  • wow, what an amazing difference! i love the window treatment.

  • That looks incredible!! It is always amazing to me how a few simple changes can make such a huge difference. It looks like a completely different room and those drapes are just fabulous! :-)

  • Wow. That is amazing. I have been struggling with some lighting decisions in my house and I think I need to get your consultation! You will be hearing from me soon!

  • Love it!!!

  • What a transformation! The room looks inviting now. Love seeing the drapes hung like that. They frame the windows rather than calling attention to themselves. I have to confess, I just can’t get used to the length. A puddling from a light wispy curtain I like. I guess I’m too rigid – LOL!
    Great work! Love seeing these mini makeovers…it’s so inspiring.

  • Darlene…I am behind on my reading but I love this the curtains, light fixture and plant changed the WHOLE look…no new floors, chairs or painted walls…

  • Darlene is a delight to work with — so imaginative and client-focused. Intuitive and practical at once. I’m still working on the room — can’t you just see a gold bar cart where the plant currently is and an indigo ikat tablerunner? Once we added the major jewelry to this room (chandy and curtain panels), it frees us up to see more. I had no idea what a light fixture and drapes could do. And Darlene introduced me to mixing metals — a breakthrough!

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