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Monday, May 7, 2012 by {darlene}

Today is my mom’s birthday! Before I go a-ditto-ing, I want to send a special Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom! I love you, mom! I am so thankful for you, and thankful that I have such a caring and loving mother! I hope your day is GRAND!

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May is the month of Moms. And most Mommas want a dreamy kitchen. Since we spend sooooo much time in there!….

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When I first saw today’s Ditto, I was in love. What is not to love about an exquisite, crisp, white kitchen splashed with the punch color of fuchsia {did a whole post on punchin’ it with fuchsia here}???

{As always, I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what you would ditto, too. So, be thinking!}

{design by Caitlin Wilson Interior Design}



Clearly, I love Carrera marble. It is just classic to me, and never grows old. It is being used a lot in design now… but you know what?  It always HAS been! And it is still as gorgeous as ever. The extra large Carrera marble subway tiles are definitely ditto-worthy!


Caitlin takes her cues from the gorgeous Carrera marble, and we see pure white with veins of gray/stainless all over. The wallpaper. The cafe curtains. The accessories. The gray of the stainless appliances agains the white of the cabinets. The wallpaper is my favorite, though. I LOVE how it echos the soft grains of gray in the marble, but with a steady pattern. And it is such an elegant addition to a kitchen! Ditto.


Get those counters cleared off! I love how intentional these countertops are. They are not completely free of items, and all of the lovely canisters offer practical and reachable storage. The items that DO show up on the counter are pretty and thoughtful – like the pure, white, sculptural soap and lotion at the sink. Hmm. Looks like they took off the labels


One of the biggest perks to doing an all-white kitchen? Any time you feel like changing the mood or energy of the room, just change the towels and the flowers and voila! A brand new punch color! But I REALLY love the fuchsia. {I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to fuchsia!}


Again with that contrast bit! But truly, I adore these dark and glossy floors, and they look killer in an all-white kitchen! ditto.


Ditto-Worthy, beautiful design element. If you have tall ceilings, or have space above your cabinets, you could add in amazing glass cabinets that will take you all the way up to the ceiling. But what makes THESE look particularly fabulous is the “en masse” effect of the white dish-ware display. It keeps the open display from feeling cluttered. Besides, white dishes go with everything!


A beautiful stainless kitchen-aid mixer – also useful. Glass cabinets filled with lovely white dish-ware – all useable. White, fun, glossy canisters on the counters – filled with daily items such as coffee, or flour, etc. Beautiful towels -also useful! Classic white ceramic catch-all for countertop utensils – again – useful! This is the best in design: when GORGEOUSNESS and usefulness meet. Definitely Ditto!

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SO much goodness.

Love anything I did not mention? or…





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  • Oh, I pinned this kitchen a month or so ago! Love it! Caitlin Wilson is one of my favorites, too. We put a cararra subway tile backsplash in our kitchen when we remodeled a year ago and it’s one of my favorite elements. Subtly more pattern than all-white subway without being busy (I hate busy backsplashes!) plus it’s elegant and timeless, like you said. And I’m with you on that wallpaper!! It’s my absolute favorite thing in that room besides the fuschia. It’s just right for all the same reasons as the marble tile – subtle but gorgeous. Fuschia, absolutely! Dark wood floors, yes. Can I tell you what I wouldn’t ditto? Those upper cabinets. They look beautiful, but, here’s the practical side of me (who lived with the exact thing for about 12 years) – they’re completely impractical dust collectors. Not the kind of dust collectors that are easy to get at either! The kind where you have to lug out the ladder – like ceiling fans. And, depending on what the material of those countertops are, I wouldn’t do that either. Again, looks great, but I’d probably have continued the marble instead. (Were money no object of course, this is all about *dreaming* what we’d ditto, right??) I like the simple curtain with the contrast fabric/ribbon at the bottom. I think I’d have done that in fuschia, so that there’s at least one more permanent fuschia element (still easy enough to change out, though) than the towels and flowers :) Oh, my, I’ll stop now. Can you tell I’d already thought about this space? Have a great week!

  • So now I go to your fuchsia post and realize I’ve been misspelling it all these years! Including in the above post. Never again. Thanks for the tip :)

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the beauty meets function element of this kitchen. Can I get an “Amen?” Love the marble … hmmmm … I wonder how it would look with our granite? :) Thanks, as always for the inspiration!

  • I just love the photos of this kitchen. I just love the brightness of them. Makes me happy :)

  • Look how pretty you and your mama are! And love seeing that dress again.

    I’d ditto the fresh flowers–such a wonderful, simple luxury. I have no problems buying them for myself! The last flowers hubby brought home to me were “grandma” flowers–even he agreed. Its funny how even flowers can be so wrong…ha! I stress about ordering and sending flowers, ahem. :)

  • Beth Mayberry

    Another beautiful ditto post. Fuchsia has always been my favorite punch of color. I fell in love with the color in 1967 when my mom surprised me with a hot pink & orange bedroom. Those two colors were all the rage back then and both colors are back now…which proves everything old eventually becomes new again. I just hope avacado green & harvest gold don’t swing back around any time soon! But, back to the post….there is nothing I don’t love…but clean counters & fresh flowers are two things I love to have. Like Angela (above), I’ve been known to stress over ordering and sending flowers because I want them very fresh and beautiful and not “grandma” or typical grocery store flowers. I always love your ditto posts….

  • Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother! :-)

    I’ll take the WHOLE kitchen, please. :-) Well…maybe not the wallpaper, but EVERYTHING else!

    love love love

    robin :-)

  • Cabinets above cabinets: I love. I also love the cabinet doors, though I wouldn’t want windows into my higher cabinets because then it would turn into decorative space and what I need is storage space for my less-used items, which aren’t all so pretty (“oh, adorable pressure cooker!” said no one, ever.)

  • I do like the marble backsplash but lately I’ve felt like if I see one more white (or mostly white)kitchen I will scratch my eyes out.
    They look like operating rooms.

  • Happy Birthday MOM!

    Lovely kitchen! It had me at the wallpaper! Gorgeous!

  • I LOVE an all white kitchen and the glossy black floors look amazing against the white!

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