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Monday, May 21, 2012 by {darlene}

I admire the work of Canadian-born interior designer, Garrow Kedigian. His design firm is located in New York City, and you can admire his portfolio via his website.

I find his spaces to be rich, bold, and balanced. The feeling of his decor differs a lot, depending on the architecture of his project and the needs of his clients. I appreciate that, since I am a huge believer in working FOR the client and helping them fill THEIR homes with the things THEY love. As opposed to filling a home with things the designer {and only the designer} loves.

But, what I love most about Garrow Kedigian’s style is his awareness of architecture and his ability to add drama to a space.

Enjoy the gorgeous work of this ditto-worthy designer! From the photos below, you might just recognize this room and this room from previous ditto posts. Be sure to chime-in in the comments about which room{s} you would ditto!


which of these gorgeous rooms or design elements would you {ditto}?


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