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Friday, May 25, 2012 by {darlene}

I love art.

Real art.

It brings a room to life like nothing else.

It IS the cherry-on-top.

Go ahead. Have the GUTS to add beautiful art to your space.  Add a punch of AMAZINGNESS to your decorating space.

Enjoy this amazing art inspiration:

{***and see if you can figure out which one was painted by a 6 year old girl. And I can’t really say that they are “amazing” per say, but see if you can figure out which ones were painted by me.}


Source: via darlene on Pinterest










Source: via darlene on Pinterest




Source: via darlene on Pinterest


Source: via darlene on Pinterest




Clear some room on your walls and get ready to:

Add some life.
Add some color.
Add some ART.


p.s. for a MOST inspiring read, head over and check out one of my favorite posts from The Painted House blog, Tips for Painting with Children.


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  • GRACIOUS you are talented. :) It’s on my bucket list to obtain some quality art instruction…I love to paint, but I need to know what I’m doing!
    Love all the art here!

    • how sweet are you???? Take the lessons! I took them from when I was 8 until I was 18. It wasn’t the length of time that mattered, but more that I did it regularly and knew how the paints “felt”. Go for it!

  • You made one little girl’s day! Thank you! She was amazed to see her painting in this line up. :)

    Let’s talk about your flowers, missy! Gorgeous! Please make more, you know, when you aren’t designing and homeschooling. :). God hAas blessed you with LOTS of talent. Next thing I know you will showing us the bust of Lionel you have molded out of clay!

  • wouldn’t you know, the last one is my favorite — and I did not look for the source, as I went through the images. movement, depth, the petals breathe here, let go and caress. How does one capture paradox?

    The second one I’m drawn to is Michele Armas.

    I encourage you, always, to paint, no matter what.

  • I love YOUR poppies! How large is your painting…and where did you display it? The color and lighting exude happiness.
    The veggies…painted by the 6-year-old?
    Real art….always the best. Looks like you need to make more time for the paint and brush!

  • Yours are the flowers at the end!

    I think original artwork has so much more energy than a print, even if it’s just amateur.

    I do portraits, but portraiture isn’t my style of decorating so I don’t have any of my own artwork on my own walls! Maybe I should branch out because doing it myself would mean I could coordinate it with my sofa, lol.

  • Darlene, I LOVE this post…and all the art you shared. Several of the etsy artists you referenced have been on my favorites list for a while. I love your flowers! Unlike you, I seriously lack artistic talent. We have a U shaped kitchen. It’s small – at least compared to my last kitchen – and is only 10 x 10. I did without upper cabinets on one wall so I could hang some of the original art I’ve collected over the years. The collection consists of paintings (and watercolors) that range from the late 1800s to the late 20th century. None of it was pricey and none of it was painted by a listed artist. But each painting speaks to me for one reason or the other and they somehow all work together. the best part is that wall of art makes me smile every morning when I walk into my kitchen. And that’s a good thing because there are times when I really miss having the extra storage. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing. :)

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