Atlanta shopping with a pro {don’t we all need a toilet mirror?}
Friday, June 29, 2012 by {darlene}

What is a girl to do when hanging out with her buddy from Atlanta, who happens to have excellent taste and the lay of the land??

Go thrifting of course. While in Atlanta this past week for the Haven Conference, the gorgeous Angela of The Painted House and I snuck in some fantastic and fun moments of Atlanta shopping.

Atlanta shopping

Our first stop was a thrift and junk central: My Favorite Place. No. Don’t wait for it. THAT is actually what it is called: “My Favorite Place.”

Atlanta shopping

I LOVE places like this, because if you are creative you can score. BIG TIME. And, for cheapola! You just have to be able to look past the toilet mirrors….

toilet mirror

are the chain embellishments supposed to help??

anywhoo… one must look past such things to see amazing hidden-treasure finds like these:

a pair of white lamps with gold bees, ~ $6 for the pair. Chocolate drum shades lined with gold, anyone?:

Atlanta shopping

You are officially my friend AND a musical theatre nerd if the following pops into your head upon seeing the image below: “They were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuosos, the cream of ev’ry famous band.” Nice to meet you. I was Marion the Librarian. Oh, yes. I was.

Atlanta shopping

I nearly cried over this table set. $125 takes it all. I just had to figure out how to get it to the hotel in Angela’s sedan, to the airport via Logan‘s sedan, then how to get it on an airplane. Details. Details. If you live in Atlanta, PLEASE go get this for me. I will pay you back, m’kay?:

Atlanta shopping

another find that hurt my spirit to leave behind: Killer birdhouse. $35 bucks people. I am not a major birdhouse gal, but this simple pagoda-hinting perfection has the lines of a classy lady, and would serve as the PERFECT way to bring height into a lonely corner. What was I thinking? I TOTALLY could have gotten that puppy on my airplane…:

Well, I am happy to report that I did have a few scores. My suitcase weighed in at 50.5 lbs. {add professional-airline-sweet-talker to my skillz}, but success!

Here are my goodies:

A pair of chinoiserie wood carvings in bamboo frames. $8 total:

Atlanta shopping

A rattan planter, $8. I love the simple form of this piece. Now, if only I could keep plants alive:

Atlanta shopping

and, a shiny gold ’80’s awesome tissue box holder. Glam for $3, isn’t she??

Atlanta shopping

Not bad, right??

We had so much fun perusing the store, checking out curious treasures and wondering about their former lives.

Atlanta shopping

This next goodie was one of my faves. This pink full-length mirror had a handy-dandy white board on the top. Which is essential when you need to be reminded of the important things in life. I hear ya, Adelaide!  {white board reads: “Ryan is the BEST person ever (besides Jesus). I love Adelaide. – Ryan}:

Atlanta shopping

After My Favorite Place, Angie {oh dear. I called her that once. As sweet as that girl is, I am most certain that I made her cringe! Learn from my mistakes, friends} and I were not done with our thrifting energy. So, we swung a right on Peachtree, then a right on Peachtree, and then a right on Peachtree. And wouldn’t you know it? We were in the Peachtree Antiques district!

First stop? We had to pull off the road and check out this joint. It is called Biggars. Tell me that THIS would not catch your eye:

atlanta shopping

Or This. I think I need me some Hi-Klas Paints:

Atlanta shopping

Meet me at the Franklin Motel:

atlanta shopping

We window shopped a bit more, and then time for lunch. We ended our fun jaunt at the Cafe Intermezzo.

atlanta shopping

which led to this life-changing event …..:

atlanta shopping


The coconut creme cake.

I am still dreaming about it. Light but dense. Fluffy, but solid. Moist, but delicate as air. It was texture and flavor perfection. Do yourself a favor and get to Atlanta right now to eat a slice of this.

 * * * * *

The thrifting and shopping was grand indeed. But let’s face it, the company was even better. Angela is fun, kind, and warm, and her soul is rich. I loved our time together.

Until next time, Angela. And it WILL involve Coconut Creme cake!


* * *

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  • what a fun day! i am sad i didn’t get to go to Haven. Since I went to Blogfest I couldn’t manage both. looks like you girls had a blast!

  • I never was a lead in our HS musicals but I was always in the chorus and was a pick-a-little-talk-a-little lady :) Definitely impressed that you were Marion!

  • This looks like such a great trip. I loved your Haven recap, and then time for shopping too must have been the icing on the (coconut cream) cake!

  • oh my word; the toilet mirror. i was hanging my head in shame over one of my diy fails this week…until I saw the toilet mirror. that is hilarious!!!!
    I’ve loved reading your recaps Darlene! How much fun!

  • Get out. You were Marian the Librarian?? The Music Man is one of my favorite musicals of all time. You got to sing “Goodnight, My Someone” and “My White Knight” or “Being in Love” and “Til There Was You”?? You lucky girl!

    I know every word to every song and have a lot of the dialogue memorized. Just a few of my favorite lines. . .

    “This Ruby Hat of Omar Khay-ay-I am appalled!”
    “Four score. . . ”
    “Jealousy mostly starts rumors about traveling salesmen!”

    Okay, now that I’ve completely outed myself as a nerd, I will say that you look smashing in these photos and you look like you had a great time. Wish I could have been at Haven–it would have been lovely to meet you!

    • WOW, girl. You know your stuff!!! You know, I just snuggled my boys the other night and sang them to sleep with Goodnight my Someone. Perfect lullaby!
      Did you know, Being in Love is not in the musical! Nerdy theatre stat for ya!
      I totally cracked up at your “you look smashing” comment, because, I think all of the pics are of Supermodel Angela – except the one in the cafe where you can’t see my face. But heck, I will take it!!! Living vicariously………
      HUGS friend!

  • All that toilet seat mirror needs is some chalkboard paint on the lower part. :) I think I may recognize that Franklin Motel sign- maybe from Franklin, NC. I live northwest of Atlanta, have never been to any of these places- methnks I need to expand my horizons!

  • I must have moved to the wrong part of the country. I die for those golden bee lamps!!

    The hunt is sooo much fun. But, even better doing it with a friend who enjoys it as much as you. Looking forward to seeing your treasures pop up in future posts.

  • Now the Music Man soundtrack is running through my head. Everything from “Cash for the merchandise. . .” to “Oh, there’s nothin’ halfway about the Iowa way to treat you. . .” to “Lida Rose, I’m home again, Rose. . .” Gosh, Darlene! What a fun trip down Memory Lane.

    I forgot to mention before that my oldest son, Will, was Harold Hill for his third Halloween. So the photo of the hat really made me smile. Then back in the early 2000’s my husband Jack and my son Will got to see The Music Man on Broadway (starring Eric McCormack as Harold Hill).

    So those photos are of Angela? She’s a knockout! Of course, so are you, so I figured it was you.

    • I hereby accuse richella of getting Lida Rose in my head for the duration of this morning………

      {when we meet, lets croon together, shall we?? You take the Lida Rose part, I’ll take the “dream of now” part….. Lord, help us.}

  • First of all…I am pissed that I was NOT invited on this little jaunt. That said…looks like fun and I agree about Angela…and her soul. Who doesn’t love her.

  • ‘Then I modestly took my place as the one and only bass, as I oompahed up and down the square!!!’ – I was a kazoo player in elementary days of yore. Just sayin.

  • The toilet mirror reminds me of how my ex-husband framed a pic of his father and yes, he actually hung it – no, not in the house! Fortunately, his father found it to be hilarious! Soooo wish I could have gone to Haven!

  • Okay, um, yeah…remember when you said, “Oh, no dessert for me…I’ll just have a bite of yours.” A bite? HA!!!! Don’t mess with a vegan and her cheating coconut cream cake!!!! You just be glad that I’m a nice person.

    So much fun with you, Darlene! There are still so many places to go. Come back! Come back!

    I feel totally out of the loop on the musical knowledge. Love me still?

    I should go back for that bird cage.

    Sorry that I said “Goodnight, Darlene” too early. Geez, how could I forget the most important part of Sleep Overs 101? I just wanted you to be fresh for your talk. Which, btw, again I’ll say, you did awesome! Erika and Sherry, too!

    Oh, and wait, lady, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful!


    • oh, yeah, angie? just be warned, I would stab you with my fork to get another bite of that cake.
      {I feel the need to type “just kidding” for unsuspecting new readers of FHD}.

      You SHOULD go for that birdcage!

      Yes. love you definitely. I am so weak on Art knowledge. I still need to take Angela’s painting class!

      glad you said goodnight! one of us must have self control!!!!! Goodness knows, with my cake display, it is not me!!!


  • Looks like you did some quality shopping in Atlanta. What, no Lenox Square?? No Ballards Outlet? Well, at least you did get to dine at Cafe Intermezzo – one of my kid’s favorite places. Did you try out Sublime Doughnuts? They ARE sublime. Hope I get to make it to Haven next year. I am too much of a newbie blogger to have enough confidence for a conference this year. Looks like it was fun!

  • […] to be chuckling all alone at the ridiculous finds.  You can read all about how you can see your reflection in a toilet seat and all of Darlene’s other finds.  Oh my goodness, I love this photo of […]

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