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Friday, June 22, 2012 by {darlene}

TV’s don’t have to take away from our decor.

The fact of the matter is that screens, big and small, are a part of our homes. Embrace it! Why not search for ways to fit them in in style?

I can’t wait to hear which of these TV Pin-spiration pics are your faves!

{for more TV Pin-spiration, hop over to my Pinterest board “Inspiration TV in decor“}













Source: via darlene on Pinterest




Source: via darlene on Pinterest


Next week, I will be sharing how we have integrated our TV into our decor here at Fieldstone Hill!

Soooo….. which pics are your favorites?

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  • Fave is the photo with the sliding paintings that can completely cover the screen but the room still faces the wall and owners would be unlikely to put chairs or sofa in front of the paintings/tv screen.

    Not a big fan of all the photos and paintings around a TV. Would be fresh at first because it is new but I would quickly tire of all the busy-ness.

    I really don’t have “a solution” to the big screen TV on the wall. Keep it simple I guess. one painting on each side in the photo above has balance and presence without busy-ness.

    I currently have a round mirror above the TV and I need to create balance on each side with circles I’m guessing. But I’m not a plate-on-the-wall or round baskets on the wall kinda gal. so it continues to be a problem staring at me everyday.

    good post for a problem that must bug a lot of us!

  • My favorite is the tv hidden by the barn doors.

    hidden tv
    Repinned from Fireplace Surrounds & Built-ins by Sarah Zimmerman

    LOVE barn doors!

    robin :-)

  • Darlene, this is such a common dilemma so many of us face – thanks for sharing the photos and I look forward to seeing what you guys have done at your house. Wanted to let you know that the invite to “subscribe” at the bottom of your post was not working for me – I had to go up to the top right margin and enter my email in the “subscribe” box there to get it to work…not certain if others had the same issue. Hope Haven is going wonderfully!

  • We’ve never had a tv, but these are so nice maybe I should get one just for decoration! Haha, just kidding, but they DID do a good job with them.

  • My favorite is definitely the sliding barn doors. I’m still in favor of being able to completely hide the tv (even though flat screens don’t need those big cabinets anymore). I just recently retired the cabinet and put the tv in a bookcase to the right of our fireplace. There was no (cost-effective-worth-the-investment) way to hide it right now, but I do like how it at least gets a bit lost in the sea of books. Hope you’re having a good time at Haven! On another topic -I have tried to subscribe to you several times, but it never works for me. I’ve tried in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, with several different email addresses, but absolutely nothing happens when I click the subscribe button. Any ideas?

    • Hi Kimberly! Sorry, something was wrong with the subscribe button at the bottom of this post. It should be all fixed! Let me know if you are having any other troubles. Thank you SO much for letting me know. The forms in my sidebar should also work for you. Thanks!!

  • Hi Darlene!!! It was so nice to meet you at Haven. I have adored you and your blog and it was such a treat to hug your neck. I only wish we could have chatted more. Haven left me inspired and excited to get to klnow everyone even better. Can’t wait till our next one.

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