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Monday, June 11, 2012 by {darlene}

The dining room pictured below is designed by the multi-talented Gabriel Hendifar.  This space has been having a hay-day on Pinterest and in the Online Design World. And it is easy to see why. This fresh space is full of high-gloss glamour and bold design moves…. like stunning faux stone walls, and a show-stopping Apparatus light fixture. When I first set eyes on this space, my jaw dropped.

{photos via Gabriel Hendifar}

Designing stunning spaces is not all that Gabriel Hendifar creates. The light fixture? Yes. The killer-gorgeous one above? It comes from the Apparatus Studio, which offers creative, hand-crafted lighting from Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson.

Stunning, sculptural works of art… that also happen to light up your room beautifully. {lighting photos via Apparatus}

Oh, and did I also mention that Gabriel Hendifar is a fashion designer? To say that he is gifted is an understatement.

This man just knows how to create gorgeous stuff. And that is certainly ditto-worthy.

Feast on his rich, ethnically-influenced, mysterious, and glamorous interiors:

I would ditto:

  1. The deep, rich walls
  2. The creative decor accents such as turtle shells and sculptural art
  3. Amazing light fixtures in each room
  4. Gorgeous antique rugs with bold color
  5. dramatic drapes
  6. fuchsia flowers
  7. balanced symmetry, set off by creative, artistic details
  8. lucite!
  9. burled wood

What would you Ditto about Gabriel Hendifar‘s spaces?


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  • I love the rooms you chose for this post. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the faux stone wall in the first photo. It’s way too busy for me so I wouldn’t ditto it. The bathroom you posted is more glamorouss than mine, but it reminds me of it. Mine is all white tile with white plumbing fixtures. The floor is white hex tile with a med. gray grout. I just painted the wall above the wainscot BM’s “soot,” 2129-20. It’s definitely black but it has blue in it which adds some depth. I really like how it turned out. So all these photos with the rich dark walls definitely speak to me.

  • It’s glamorous. LOL. How did I do that?

  • Ditto lucite! Wow! I didn’t even realize I would like to use lucite in my home until I saw how Hendifar used these pieces; now I see that it might be perfect. Do you know of any good sources?

  • I like the white trim in some of the rooms. My house already has that, so I’ve already dittoed it without even trying, haha!

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