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Friday, June 1, 2012 by {darlene}

I want to tell all of you about  a fun eDecorating series that is being hosted over at my friend Cindy’s A.MAZ.ING blog, Skip to my Lou.

This series features Cindy’s Home and ‘Yours Truly’ as her eDesigner!

First, let me introduce you to Cindy. Darling, isn’t she?:

ah. Just WAIT until you check out her blog.

Large volumes of ‘with-it’ women know about Cindy’s blog, Skip to My Lou, and all of the amazing craft inspiration it offers.

Not that I am blatantly admitting to such procrastination, but I may or may not have been scouring her site on Wednesday, looking for adorable teacher appreciation gift ideas. My 4 year old’s last day of preschool was – ahem – Thursday…. Thank goodness for crafty geniuses like Cindy.

look what I made from her great stash of ideas {there is a cute calculator in the bag}:

teacher appreciation homemade gift

Another favorite of mine on Skip to My Lou is Cindy’s Homemade Gift Guide. I LOVE personal gifts that go “outside-of-the-box” and are creative … and – let’s get real here, people …. easy! Yep. Simple. Creative. and Easy.

So, now that you know where to find all of your last minute gifting ideas, let’s get back to our fun series at hand, shall we?

Cindy and I are working on her family room, and…

I have some BEFORE pictures!

I think Cindy is doubly awesome for letting me post pics she took last minute, with her phone, in bad lighting, with her sofa missing, and her furniture displaced. But, here we go:

I mean, the girl does not even have a sofa in her room right now {it is at the upholsterer! yay!}, poor soul!!!! Brave Brave Brave to let me post away!

I don’t think I will change a thing about this wall. Don’t you love Cindy’s dish wall?

So, there you have it! The Befores.

Now, Cindy has already shared her first post in our Room to Room series. If you have ever wondered what the eDesign process is like, {or if you just love to see Before and After pics. Who doesn’t?}, then you should definitely follow along!

Hop here to follow Cindy on Facebook, like 39,000 other smart folks!!!!!

And, humble ol’ me would love for you to follow me on FB too, for regular design inspiration and post updates! Thanks darlings!

Let the eDecorating begin!

What are YOU eager to know about the eDesign Process??

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  • I love that wall of colorful plates! I started packing today for the big move, and started with my china. I have so many different pretty plates passed down, after seeing this pic I might have to do something similar!

  • Hi! I love watching a room come together–this will be fun!

    I am wondering if you have a few favourite web-sites or blogs where you send clients to help find pictures to help illustrate their style words.

    I ask because I am helping my Mom do over her living room–and her taste is quite different from mine: so I need a wide variety of images we can discuss.

    We have both done your “personal style” bootcamp process over the past couple of days and it’s been enlightening and fun for us.

    Love your blog!

    • You might have fun checking out my Pinterest boards. Look at my Inspiration Living Rooms and Inspiration Casual/Family Rooms. My Inspiration Color and Stunning Furnishings and Accessories may also help alot!

      I also love House Beautiful. But I use Pinterest a TON for inspiration.

      You can also type “living room” into my search bar on the right and it will pull up any of my posts that talk about a living room!

  • What an extraordinarily gernerous reply! Thank you. I’m looking forward to checking everything out!

  • This is an interesting project. Are you keeping the lovely wall pictures? The floor is beautiful, will it be hidden? I hope not.

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