Inspired to :: slow down. alfresco style.
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by {darlene}

{today I am starting a new regular posting series, called “Inspired To.” I invite you to be inspired by all of the beauty spreading around the web, and never be discouraged by it. Life can be intentionally enjoyed!! Be Inspired!!}

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Inspired To:


Inspired To ::  slow down. drink really good coffee. USE my antique lace. Take small bites. Go on vacation. Enjoy my OWN deck. Eat alfresco. Use window flower-boxes. Sip slowly. Use dainty coffee cups. Go to Europe.


What are you Inspired To?


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  • i am inspired to eat chocolate…. and drink my coffee slowly, rather than guzzling because i need caffeine.
    we eat outside all the time when it’s nice- it makes you really take in your surroundings and eat slowly.

  • Well, this balcony reminds me very much of home (new orleans) until I see the architecture across the street and then I realize it’s most likely Paris or somewhere in Europe. But, it inspires me to pack a bag and go somewhere, anywhere, so I can truly relax and enjoy something similar. This kind of day could never happen at my home even if I bought the expensive coffee, used the fine china and nibbled on dainty bites of that delicious looking treat al fresco! There is too much going on and too many interruptions and it seems to come at me non-stop. Latly, all I can think about is escaping to San Francisco. Sadly, it won’t happen this year. *sniff. sniff* BEAUTIFUL photo Darlene. your new series will be fun.

    • sweet friend! may I humbly disagree with you?? “This kind of day could never happen…”
      Well, of course, it won’t be EXACTLY like that…. BUT:
      I want to ENCOURAGE you!! While, yes… my backyard dining comes with a lot of baggage {kids screaming the Star Wars theme song, a pile of rocks and bricks that need to be dealt with, bird-poop on my chairs, and cars in the background}… I refuse to say never!
      Instead, I want to choose to see what I DO have! A deck. A pretty day. A coffee maker with yummy coffee. Kids that play independently. Trees and birds.
      And I am going to enjoy it, gosh darnnit!
      And this image inspired me to do just that. Go for it girl!! ENJOY what you already have!!!!!!!

    • Darlene, I wasn’t being negative. I guess I was just stating life rolls around here at about 100 MPH every day and although I dream of a lazy day like that it would be next to impossible to pull off unless I were away from home. That said, I find moments most days to enjoy…I love my back yard..and I often sit and read or have something to drink and take it all in. I meant no negativity at all. I did laugh at your bird poop comment. This spring and summer it is THE WORST here. It has never been this bad. I feel I’m in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. LOL.

    • hahaha!! Oh, good! I especially wanted to be sure you were not feeling discouraged! I have many readers and clients who look at pics like this and feel that good things are out of their reach!! Let’s keep dreaming about lazy days together!!!!

  • I am inspired to create a writing space and retreat each day. Though a month in Italy I won’t erase from my bucket list, I enjoy sitting here, right now, looking out at our oasis of trees planted by my husband, deep beds for vegies and herbs, a newly built cabana and pond. No visits to ER, a miracle, all sweat labor. I think I see rolling hills of vineyard, just over the fence, or is that the roof of our neighbor?

  • Okay I just love everything about this post.
    Cheers friend!

  • amen! those are all great ideas. Every summer we visit my in-laws in California and all head to stay at a beach house right on the edge of the coast. Over the years they have truly taught me to slow down during those times and “taste & see that the Lord is good”. Every evening no matter what-we stop what were doing and head out to the deck to have hour d’vour and wine and watch the sunset-and I vow every year to come back home & do the same but unfortunately I let “life” get in the way. Thanks for the reminder. and now I’ve written a small novel in your comments section so I will sign off…… but 1st let me just say I sooo enjoyed getting to meet you at Haven- did I already tell you that?? I think I did- oh well…..ok Im leaving now……

  • lovely lovely ideas. and i like that i sat back to think of what inspires me right now… coffee and wine sounds really good. so does a chocolate croissant and a beach. thats all i could come up with. maybe i need a vacay :)

  • I love the simplicity yet so much to take away from this series!

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