Pin-spiration :: Lacquered Walls. Would you?
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by {darlene}

Let’s discuss.

I think that lacquered walls are STUNNING. AMAZING. BREATHTAKING. SHOW-STOPPING.

They also happen to be a pain in the posterior: to paint thyself or to pay for thyself. Either way… a pain. But a worthy pain?????

Most lacquering instructions come with warnings, calling you to proceed with great caution.

Would you?? Have you????

Do tell!!







Source: via darlene on Pinterest






Source: via darlene on Pinterest


Want more lacquer? Well, Miss Crazy over here happens to have an entire Pinterest board for lacquer……


Which is your favorite??

Would you lacquer a room?

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  • while i like it in these images i would NEVER do it. imagine painting over it…. you would have to sand it really well, and i like to repaint too often to do that!

  • I love it, esepecially in hallways and entries…areas that need something extra. I’d never do it though; I just couldn’t spend that kind of time or money. Hmm…I’m thinking that lacquered walls would be good feng shui though…

  • I can see lacquered in entryways, on front doors, esp one that is recessed and we need to bounce the light. But I probably wouldn’t do it though I would use a glossy finish on the inside of a door. If the color were not just right, I worry that it might look too circusy. Your images above are sophisticated and glam so it IS possible to do this well. Thinking small, I like lacquer trays and accessories!

  • i like shiny…but i would probably limit the shiny to furniture. because i’m a chicken. and it seems like a lot of work. :0) i REALLY dig the navy blue above the board and batten…that would be a bigger, but still small way of incorporating this idea onto a wall. (that octopus picture…LOVE.) if i were really brave and crazy, i would do a ceiling.

  • Nope- would never do it. I think I’d feel like I was in a colored stainless steel kitchen or sterile medical room. BUT, the pictures really are pretty and I think the 4th picture is especially pretty.

  • Hmmmm. Maybe I am the only one, but I would definitely do this in an office, a small bathroom {especially one of those pesky ones with no windows that everyone has now-adays}, and a hall. I also ADORE the dressing room above. I think it would inspire me to glam up my clothing choices!

  • Reminds me too much of an operating room, whatever the color. Couldnt put in my house. But otherwise, all the colors and styles above look great, just too much shine for my taste.

  • I would love to do it to my bathroom…I use the hall bath, as does our company. As you said above…there is no window there. That said, I would never attempt it myself. There is too much room to make a huge mess. I’ve been hiring painters off and on for 25 years. I’ve only had one in all that time that I thought was a truly good painter. But, I’m not even sure he could do it. I can only imagine how much it would cost if you could find the right painter. I sincerely doubt I could ever afford it. In a perfect world…lacquered walls are beautiful. I love your navy blue example (with the octopus) and the last orange example best of all. Gorgeous.

    • yay!!! so good to hear from someone who would do it!!! I have printed out DIY instructions for my painters/construction peeps, and spoonfed them the directions before. I wonder if that would do the trick? It has worked for us before with tricky things…

  • I love the look, but would never do it. The shine is very unforgiving of imperfections on your walls. My husband is a drywall contractor and tells me that the more shine in the paint finish, the more imperfections are visible. You would have to completely coat the drywall with “mud” to give it all the same foundation. (all mud instead of mud & the paper on the drywall sheet) I would think it would be hard to “touch up” as well. Just something to consider before anyone takes the leap.

  • I think the glare of the paint is not restful or calming but for the glam I could see it in a very upscale, modern restaurant ladies’ room. Just not something I would want in my home.

  • That last pic was in the ATL showhouse 1 or 2 years ago. I think I licked the wall…up there on right where it is particularly shiny…because it looked so luscious. I’d do it. Who’s paying??

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