ditto :: the bidet. dual flushing. and other european ditto-ables.
Monday, July 16, 2012 by {darlene}


I am starting this post with two disclaimers:

1. This is not a typical ditto post. clearly.

and 2.

I am breaking a cardinal blogging rule in this post, and I am not linking back to the photo sources for the bidet and potty pics. Why? Because I love you dearly. And call me weird, but I am not entirely convinced that all of these potty pics came from trusted sites. I mean, when you do a search for bidet…. you get all kinds of unsavory things, people.


Friends. I am tired. Pooped, actually. {Oh, please do pardon the ridiculous pun.}

But guess who just got back from Russia?? Yes! Russia!

Kaliningrad Oblast region to be exact. Formerly Germany’s Konigsburg. Formerly East Prussia. This place is chock full of history and ancient wars and the changing of hands. Google it. Did you know that little sliver of Russia even existed?  Well, I did not before Agniya came into our lives. We hosted this beautiful exchange-student for a year, and it turns out that God picked us from across the ocean and seas, and made us more than friends. We are family. We love her so dearly! And for the last two weeks, we have been visiting Agniya and her family in Kaliningrad, Russia.


Russians know how to show you a good time. We were hosted with such generosity and kindness. You all will soon tire of hearing about this amazing trip, because there is much more to come on it, for sure.

But, today is ditto Monday. And for the moment, we must discuss the ditto-worthy nature of European potties.

I could not help but think to myself, several times on this trip, that Europeans really know a thing or two about their potties. And yes, indeedy. I really, really want to ditto the bidet if we ever build that Master Bathroom I am dreaming of. True story.

If you happen to be from the US of A: Don’t be afraid of the bidet, my fellow Americans. It is your friend. And without getting too descriptive, did you know that it was possible to feel shower-fresh without actually taking a shower???

The bidet is a practical addition to any bathroom. Truth. Personally, I love a good bidet.

bidet bidet bidet

So there you have it:

Bidet. Ditto.

Now, onto the second wonder of the European Potty World: The ingenuity of dual flushing.

In Kaliningrad, all of the Potties had a flusher-ma-bobber that looked exactly like this:

Are you ready for this life-changing information?:  Push the little button on the right and you get a mild flush. Push the big button on the left and you can flush the mother-load.

Yes. Yes. I know.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

I have nothing left to say, other than silly potty jokes – from which I shall refrain, and DITTO!


SO…. Would you dare to ditto any of these BRILLIANT bathroom additions in your home?? Do tell!


end of post disclaimers:

1. I am dog tired. Please ignore typos or anything that sounds punchy or vodka-influenced.

2. If you have emailed me or commented with a question recently, thank you for loving me anyway, as I dig out of the post-vacation mire. eDesign consultations are also on hold, as I get back into the groove of pampering my current clients and filling their homes with gorgeousness!



* * * * * * *

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  • Agree! The bidet is a wonderful invention! Wonder why they have them all over Europe and not here in the US. I too will install one when I remodel our master bedroom.

  • Welcome back to the USA. Rest up, pamper yourself and ease back into the grind! FYI we’ve installed a dual flush toilets to date on a few project sites with great success (we used Caroma brand). Next up wall mounted toilets!

  • It’s nearly 3 AM EDT….I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get up and pull out my laptop. And your post just tickled me. :D
    I had the privilege to go to Russia several years ago and you are correct…the hospitality and graciousness extended is amazing. Glad your trip was marvelous. I’ll look forward to hearing more. And welcome home!

  • oh goodness darlene, i am laughing so hard. you are too much! i’ll trust you on the bidet thing; i have heard they are pretty great and i’m sure they would help solve little boy underwear streaks, lol!!
    what an adventure, Russia. i can’t wait to hear more about it!!

  • Well, this is the crappiest post you’ve ever done.

    (So happy you made the trip safely and had so much fun!!!)

  • So glad the trip was great, and I love your dress above–where did you get it?
    the dual flush thing sounds smart, too, btw. get some rest!

  • Well this is one of your most entertaining posts. Love it. I helped my sister with a bathroom renovation & chose a toilet for them with a #1 & #2 flush. The other thing about it that I would ditto & it’s also in one of your picutures is having a wall hung toilet. Why that isn’t more common in American homes is beyond me. No base to gook up. And regarding the bidet issue…my parents took our family of 7 to Europe when I was 18. We stayed in a very old hotel with giant key holes in the doors. My siblings peeked in & caught me trying out the bidet. From that point on, they made up a parody to a song from the 70’s – “That’s the Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia”…and changed it to “That’s the Night She was Caught on the _________ (insert innapropriate family word) Washer”. I’ve had it sung to me many a time over the years. It’s a family joke. What is NO joke is that I really wouldn’t mind having one. A bidet that is.

  • I agreed with Darlene. A
    bidet‘s a friend. We actually have one at home, the spray-type. At first it was actually weird to use, but when we got used to it – WHOA! We were all convinced it was a great decision to have it installed. Really!

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  • Ditto toilet and bidet
    Please can you tell me how do I buy these items

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