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Monday, July 30, 2012 by {darlene}

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I know you will love so many simple touches in today’s eclectic living room ditto. We are taking a look at a living area designed by Emily Henderson, the super talented interior designer who is also the host of HGTV’s Secrets from a Stylist. I love Emily’s fresh, vibrant style. She is so gifted at mixing a variety of styles, just by selecting items that she loves. That is my favorite decorating concept, as you know…. pick what you REALLY love. THEN, pull it together.

{okay. I really must go into a tiny tangent here and address Emily directly, in a non-confrontational, non-stalkerish way… with the weirdest question in the world: Emily Henderson, did you go to Bennington July Program in Vermont in the 90’s? Because, I swear I met you there. And it is pestering me somethin’ awful.}

Phew, now that that awkwardness is out of the way, let’s study what makes this room SO AMAZING, so that we can learn how to add more beauty to OUR homes!!!

{As always, I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what you would ditto, too. So, be thinking!}

eclectic living room

{design by Emily Henderson}




Go for the wallpaper. And go for the bold print wallpaper. And how amazing is this gold chrysanthemum print?? Ditto! Speaking of ditto-ing this, I love what Christine of Bijou and Boheme did here.


So yes. Maybe I do have a bit of an obsession with mixed-metals. But truly – mixed metals are so versatile, so contrasting, and so shiny! Ditto to this amazing train trunk, of course. For more YUMMY mixed-metal inspiration, hop over to my Pinboard: my thing for mixed metals.


Have a carpet in your home that is dull or has too many stains, or is just plain old? This is one of the greatest decorating tricks in the book. Even if there is NOT A THING wrong with your carpet, I still recommend this layering trick to clients. The rug is so wonderful for defining a certain focal area within your room, as well as giving you a great way to bring fantastic color and pattern into your space. Very ditto-worthy.


This room features several, amazing mid-century pieces. I love the strong lines, the gorgeous woods, and the crisp edges on mid-century furnishings. Even if lots of this look is not for you, try adding one piece. In this space, Emily mixes a stunning, bold coffee table, a sofa with creative angles, and a chair with a curving metal frame that I adore. Every home could use a fun, mid-century ditto in it!


I am usually into fun, chunky, glam, large lighting. But, I love the subtle, gold reading lights used in this space. They are so thin they nearly disappear into the wallpaper print. What a great way to fit a lot of additional lighting – in useful locations at that – into a living space.


Gallery walls are not going anywhere, anytime soon. I love that this gallery collection is comprised mainly of artwork. For more gallery wall inspiration, you can hop over to my Pinboard: Inspiration Display.


As I mentioned at the top of the post, Emily is really good at selecting pieces, simply because she likes the piece, and throwing them in the mix in a successful way. It is what gives her spaces, this one included, such a successful eclectic feel. The pillows in this space are the perfect example of this concept. Try purchasing something… simply because you LOVE it. NOT because it “pulls the room together.” You may be surprised to see that it inadvertently DOES pull the room together. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

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SO much goodness.

Love anything I did not mention? or…





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  • Fearless and thoughtfully styled with lots of spirit and energy. What I love is how she throws pattern and color around a room — large, medium, small, both floral and geometrics. There’s a sense of balance here in the fireworks. I try to imagine the room without the gallery, and the room seems classic to me. With the gallery, the room has personality, somebody fun lives here!

  • I love Emily’s style – her rooms always look polished and collected instead of “decorated”. I would totally ditto the rug on carpet or layered rugs look – I love layers.

  • I am trying to figure out what makes this room unified? Is it the colour pallette? Except for the gallery wall, everything is white, gray or gold (well, if you call the blue in the carpet “gray” and the wood pieces “gold.”) Sigh. It is gorgeous.

    • I think what makes this room successfully unified, despite all of the variation, are a few repeating colors AND the presence of lots of “breathing room” pieces – for example, the large white couch, the large coffee table that is not cluttered, and the simple fabric choices for the chairs.

  • breathing room pieces . . . love that concept. that is so true.

    • open leg pieces help with that. So do large expanses of white or pale fabric. So do clean surfaces!! So does a clear view from one end of the room to the other, especially if it leads to the window {this does not mean that low furniture cannot be in the path}. Breath-able is one of my Personal Style words. I think it is so important.

  • Oh my Goodness. Of course! Breathability. Thank you so much for helping me “see” that–it is a huge puller-in for me.

  • I love her style! It just feels so EASY, so collected and so uncoordinated in all the best ways.

  • Can you give me a source for this wonderful wallpaper? I’m purchasing a home and would love to be able to utilize this in one of the rooms!

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