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Friday, July 27, 2012 by {darlene}

During the first two weeks of July, our family took a trip of a lifetime. We all went to Russia!

I have a zillion photos I would LOVE to share, but I first thought you would love a glimpse into the little resort town on the Baltic Sea, Svetlogorsk.

We went to Svetlogorsk three times over our stay, and everyone loved it there. The adults were delighted by the boardwalk and the sea, and the kids were wild over these fun 4-wheel pedal bikes we were able to rent and take all around the small town. {Yes, you CAN do international travel with kids!!! They had a blast.}

Svetlogorsk is a resort mainly for the city of Kaliningrad. Some Kaliningrad and Moscow big-spenders have some amazing homes here; I was impressed by how the houses were new, but had a respect for Kaliningrad region’s German past. History buffs take note: Kaliningrad has a colorful history. It has only been a part of Russia since WWII.

houses of svetlogorsk

Here is a fun family snapshot of all of us, about to embark on a fun walk around Svetlogorsk. Those bike-thingys were SO much fun! {that is a fake photo behind us, painted on the back of a building. I have no idea why…}

We spent a lot of time on the bikes, and our littlest got in trouble for not listening. I could not resist sharing this picture with you.

Cuteness. In “Time Out.”


Okay! On to the houses. There were a few strips that had gorgeous resort homes, and I know you are dying to see!!!!!!!:

houses of svetlogorsk houses of svetlogorsk

Spider web fence anyone???:

We never actually discovered what this old building was, but I adore the ivy. And I am itching to see the inside!!!!:

houses of svetlogorsk houses of svetlogorsk

After house touring, we went for a walk on the boardwalk, enjoyed some Glintwein here, and put our toes in the Baltic Sea. On this particular day, it was too cold to get in 45 degree F water!!!

houses of svetlogorsk

A view of the boardwalk from the pier:

houses of svetlogorsk

And I don’t know what to say about this picture, other than, it really makes me smile:

Another one I couldn’t resist sharing. Here, our eldest decided to strike a pose next to the rub-her-boobies-for-good-luck statue:

houses of svetlogorsk

And one of my personal faves from our trip. This picture of my hubby has some history. We love finding European cars which, when comparing, he is generally larger than. Then, we take a pic. Here he is with a Lada, the infamous car of Russia:

houses of svetlogorsk

Every time we entered Svetlogorsk, we felt the calm of a resort town and the call of the Sea.

Do any of these amazing homes {or pics} inspire you? Which one is your favorite???



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  • wow- it looks beautiful!!!! those houses are straight up fairytale!

  • I totally want one of those 4-wheel bikes built for me…can’t you just see my knees hitting my elbows as a pedal like a demon down the boardwalk?

    Such a colorful place! I’m so happy you all had the opportunity to travel to see friends and a unique part of the world. So now you need to give tips on traveling 8+ hours by plane with children. Please!

    • ‘peep and the big wide world’ on the ipad for reDONKulous amounts of screen time, one headset bud per kid… not sure what you would do with 3.
      our oldest dumped his entire dinner upside down on the floor, his plane-pillow and plane blanket.
      that was fun.

      honestly, I was SHOCKED at how easy it was. They slept on both legs because we loosened their seatbelts enough that they could lie down. I guess if you prepare for the worst….. the best will surprise you.

      I would TOTALLY do it again. I would, now, NEVER let the fear of the trip inhibit me.

      the cost…. well, that is another thing!

  • I’m so glad the Russians came through for you! :) We loved the Baltics- next time you’ll need to explore the next-door countries!! Fav photos- toss up between the lada and the statue- just so typical! I have photos of bikers passing a lada on the highway! ha! :)

  • Darlene, what an awesome trip! I’ve been to Europe a couple times but I had no idea that a piece of Russia sat between Poland and Lithuania – I guess I’m geographically ignorant when it comes to Eastern Europe. What a beautiful place with amazing architecture and such charm. I’ll have to add it to my travel wish list! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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