Inspired to :: Add flower boxes
Thursday, July 26, 2012 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

svetlogorsk flower boxes

{Svetlogorsk, with a view of the Baltic Sea, in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia}

Inspired To :: add flower boxes to the front of Fieldstone Hill. get gutsy with my contrasting flower colors. travel more. sip hot drinks with my family by the sea. never hesitate to bring our kids on an international vacation. sit and stare at the waves. jump into icy cold waters for a quick swim. laugh with friends who are like family. drink piping-hot glintwein, by the sea, of course.

So. What does this picture inspire you to do……

What are you Inspired To?



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  • So funny that you posted this now. My husband and son-in-law installed a window box under our garage window last night for my birthday! The picture inspires me to go buy petunias for it right now.

  • I’m from Santa Cruz, CA. I went to college there, met my husband there, met Jesus there, got married there, had my first three kids there, walked on the beach every day for years, and moved away to the south/midwest. That picture of Russia reminds me so much of home, and seeing it makes Santa Cruz seem as far away as Russia. I think I’ll plant flowers in boxes on my deck, maybe bright ones for the hummingbirds, and pretend the ocean is just on the other side of those woods beyond.

    (Too bad that won’t lower the temperature 30 degrees, because yesterday was 100 here, and 65 back home! No amount of pretending can overcome that!)

    • That is definitely one of the beautiful things about decorating. We can stitch pieces of our memories into our homes. I DO SO hope you add the flower boxes that remind you of home, and continue building your love affair with where you are planted!!!

  • I’ve wanted flower boxes for years on my condo balcony. 4 years later, finally got them. Now I have to learn how to make them that full!!

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