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Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by {darlene}

In June, I shared with you that Cindy of Skip my Lou enlisted my help with her home. We will be going Room by Room, redecorating some rooms in her home. Today, let the redecorating begin!!!!

room by room


On her Skip to my Lou blog today, Cindy is sharing Phase One of her Family Room.

What makes it “Phase One?”  When I start a room with a client, we spend a lot of initial time identifying my client’s personal style. But, once we actually dive into the room, we, of course, start with our main pieces and large surfaces.

Phase One includes:

1. Walls

2. Large Furniture Pieces

3. Rug{s}/Flooring

A lot of times, I also add curtains at this early stage.

Now, Phase One is nothing formal. I don’t tell clients, “let’s stick to Phase One.” {Ha. I think Phase One sounds goofy, star-trekky anyway!}. This is simply my approach to a room as we dive in and get decorating.

I always begin with the colors and feel, and I nearly always move on to Walls, Large Furniture Pieces, and Flooring first. But, of course, this is not a hard and fast rule.

The reason why I generally start there is because it sets the backdrop for the rest of the space.

Sooo…. I know you are itching to see this first Phase of Cindy’s family Room, so hop on over!!


{also, for a few “Before” Pics, be sure to check out this post}




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