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Monday, August 27, 2012 by {darlene}

When I come across an interior designer whose rooms speak to me, and inspire me in several ways, I am sure to bookmark their work. Recently, I came across the work of David Scott Interiors while hunting down the design credit for a baby room I adore. And then I discovered that much of his work is ditto-worthy.

My favorite things about David Scott’s style are his ability to decorate within grand settings, his children’s spaces, and also his amazing exteriors and outdoor spaces. These are his most ditto-worthy elements, in my eyes.

I believe it is important to study the work of interior designers, and use your “ditto” eyes. It is essential in helping you define your own personal style.

With that thought in mind, what would YOU ditto from David Scott Interiors?

David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors   David Scott Interiors

  David Scott Interiors

David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors David Scott Interiors


Did you notice the grand scale of so many of these spaces, and how David balances large pieces with open breathing room? Also, those outdoor “rooms” are so dreamy to me!

What would you ditto?

What elements of David Scott’s style could you bring into your own home?



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  • I love that screen porch (third pic down)! Can I just move in there? We have a screen porch but we don’t do anything with it because it leaks and is musty. I was so looking forward to using it when we bought the house but that’s what I get for buying when there’s still snow on the ground.

    And I also love that he was watching Sabrina, one of my favorite movies!
    Audrey Hepburn {love}

  • So funny you mention that, we also bought Fieldstone Hill when there was snow on the ground which led to a host of troubles – from things we could not see, including a VERY fertile patch of land {septic failure!}. Readers, take note!!
    Although, I must say, I do not regret it for a minute. It was love at first sight. And sometimes, love is tough :)

  • I love the art piece in the first photo. Such a simple piece but makes such a dramatic statement.

  • Darlene, I love the kid’s room with the striped roman shade, the cool pendant, and that swoon-worthy mural! Oh, I love the fish-wallpapered bath too.

  • I dig the strong, straight lines throughout his design, the chunkiness, and the over-sized pieces. Also love his use of mossy green in different ways, so natural and lively. Seems like he likes to balance square shapes with round ones, which is just beautiful.

    My grandpa (a lamp designer) once had trouble selling green glass lamps. LOL He responded to a reluctant customer, “Every color of flower has a green stem.” Kind of defines my love for the color in interior decorating. I should blog that!! LOL

    Another gorgeous post, Darlene. I have a style crush on you.

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