Lessons in design :: decorating a foyer {8 ways}
Friday, August 10, 2012 by {darlene}

When decorating a foyer, people tend to think a lot about what that room “says” to others and how it “sets the tone” for others.

While it is super important that a foyer be welcoming to others, and promote hospitality, don’t forget that it is an entire space in YOUR home, that should work for your family as well.

Most of us don’t have square footage to waste on unused spaces in our home. Who uses your foyer the most? If the answer is “ummm… nobody??,” maybe it is time to think about adding an element to your foyer that draws your own family through the space from time to time.

Your can decorate your foyer to serve many useful purchases. Just add the following touches, and start using your foyer daily.

Eight ways to decorate your foyer

to add usefulness and beauty

1. A place to tie your shoes :: Add a bench.

decorating a foyer

{via House Beautiful}

2. A place to read: Add a sofa.

decorating a foyer

{design by Bear Hill Interiors}

3. A place to make music :: add a piano. {design board for client’s foyer}

decorating a foyer

{design by Fieldstone Hill Design via my Portfolio}

4. A place for your Christmas tree :: make this the annual destination.

decorating a foyer

{via BHG.com}

5. A place for your books :: add bookshelves.

  decorating a foyer

{From my scanned files and this post via Elle Decor}

6. A place to keep your boots :: add a boot destination in a lovely display. Then use your boots.

  decorating a foyer

{via My Thing For Horse Country Pinboard}

7. A place to check your makeup :: add a mirror.

decorating a foyer

{via Marion House Book}


8. A place to store stuff you use :: add lidded baskets or trunks, and the stuff you use, of course.

decorating a foyer

{via Inspiration Foyers Pinboard}


All of these thoughtful and simple touches will draw you into the foyer, possibly rescuing one of the most underutilized spaces in your house.

All the while, adding beauty. But of course.

SO. What are you going to add to your foyer??


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  • Our foyer has a Persian rug on the wood floor and a Korean antique chest of drawers made of pear wood. It’s the perfect place to put your purse while you hang up your coat in the closet. The small upper drawers hold our gloves,extra keys, scarves, etc. I use the larger drawers to hold placemats and napkins, for lack of a better place! We also have a Chinese umbrella stand in the corner and a large brass rubbing,from a long ago trip to London, on the wall. I think it says to us “After all our moves and travels, this is HOME!”

  • I love the idea of using an entry for extra storage. Most of us don’t have enough of it. A mirror is also a good idea and maybe a small box on the entry table to hold a lipstick so when you open the door to guests, you can look pulled together, no matter how frantic your day has been.

  • My question is…we have a long skinny foyer….15 feet long. Around 5 feet wide. I have looked and looked online for some decorating inspiration on what to do with a foyer that isn’t wide enough for desks, tree, or pianos! I have not found a thing. Ha! We have a small turquoise bench and basket on one side, with a silver snakeskin mirror over it. But there is an entire side across from it that is blank?! Any suggestions? How do I find balance between two sides and all that length?

  • THAT is amazing!!! I mean REALLY! Thanks for the link!!!

  • awesome! {blushing} It’s what I do!! Thank YOU for being an amazing, commenting {who doesn’t love feedback and friends?}, FHD reader!

  • Our “foyer” in our country home is a small entryway (about 5’x6′) with a door on each wall. (To the outside, garage, laundry room, and kitchen) Needless to say it gets a workout. I put a chest of drawers in there and it has been fantastic! The top is high enough that little hands don’t constantly grab the pretties I put there, and the drawers hold all the stuff we need to run out the door – sunglasses, umbrellas, baseball caps, winter hats, scarves, mittens, and my hubby’s “man drawer” to hold his wallet, phone, etc.

  • Great ideas! Unfortunately, our ‘foyer’ is attached to the living room. I do have a mirror beside the door though.
    Debbie :)

    • Thanks, debbie! You can still use a lot of these great ideas in a foyer/living combo. I like to have my clients use a piece of furniture that is low and long to distinguish the foyer from the living space. A bench or low bookshelves work great!

  • Thanks for the ideas Darlene! I will keep these in mind when we are ready to redo the living room.
    Debbie :)

  • I love all the ideas. My entry is so narrow that it is more like a hallway, but the ceilings are 2 stories high! That makes a lot of wall space, but it’s kinda awkward for art because you can’t stand far enough back to enjoy it. I try not to put any furniture in there because it feels crowded when people are arriving and leaving, but that leaves the entry feeling empty and bare. Of all the things I wish I could change it would be this!

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