inspired to :: have a gutsy beauty routine
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

gutsy beauty routine

{my favorite starlet, Yvonne Strahovski, via Allure}

Inspired To :: Have a gutsy beauty routine. Try a new hair cut. Go messy curly. Get seriously dramatic with my eye makeup. Add dramatic highlights. Watch some Chuck reruns, as usual. Practice my wheel kicking again {as inspired by Yvonne}. Try a pouty look with nude lips. Eat less sugar. Fix up my hair and makeup, and then drape myself dramatically and cross-legged on a beautiful sofa. Work at my beauty, and also rest in the beauty God gave me.

For more, hop over to my “Inspiration :: hair and makeup” Pinboard. For more beauty inspiration, check out more Decorating Yourself posts.



So. What does this picture inspire you to do……

What are you Inspired To?





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Have you clicked over to Layla Grace ever? They have tons of inspiring and sophisticated furnishings.

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  • Fun! I like your ideas… especially the “eat less sugar” thought (it helps everything else). Love changing little things in big ways as the season adjusts, which it’s about to do… It’s so fun to indulge in new little bits of beauty.

    This photo inspires me to tease my hair up a bit, and to finally try some dry shampoo. Vampy.

  • I did that long-weekend juice fast thing in July (from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) because I’d had surgery on my mouth and couldn’t eat solid food for a week. What better time to try something wacky like that?

    Anyway, it really took away my sweet tooth. I got my stitches out on my birthday and while I was at the surgeons, my kids baked me a birthday cake, so lest you think I can’t enjoy special days anymore, NO, I still happily eat fun sugary things. The difference is that now, what I really enjoy is the time with the other person and the sweet is a side thing. I can serve up ice cream to all of them and not care if there’s enough for me; I don’t ever *crave* sweets anymore. I don’t know if it’s a weird coincidence, but if you are still interested in dropping sugar, you might consider borrowing a juicer from a friend and doing a few days, just to see. It doesn’t feel like deprivation to me because I’m not even wanting it.

  • This just made me so happy! Chuck is my favorite, and whenever my husband and I are watching reruns, ya know, sitting on the couch, I’m constantly inspired to be more fit like Yvonne! (Now if only I would go on a run, instead of just watching another rerun! ;)

  • How could I convince you to do a wheel kick in full hair and make up and land in that drapey pose on the sofa with legs crossed? Sounds like the grand finish to an aria if you ask me. Try it on Matt–I bet he would like it.

  • Free your curls, free your curls!! I love mine and therefore believe that you should love yours :) Looks like you have more hair than I do, but just find someone who can do Deva Cuts and all will be well. I promise. I have no idea where you are on your curly journey, but I can at least say that if you’re still getting it cut wet, this is a bad and terrible thing for trying to embrace the curl. There is the finder – hopefully there is someone near you!

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