Pin-spiration :: purple + yellow {color-wheel contrast}
Thursday, August 16, 2012 by {darlene}

Are you ready for some purple + yellow adoration?

Prepare yourself for gorgeous decorating inspiration. And all because of the power of contrasts.

I know. I know. You have heard me go on and on about the power of contrasts in decorating. But, I am not done yet. There is so much to say on this worthy design topic!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing some Pin-spiration posts on the power of color-wheel contrast. And what, you ask, is color-wheel contrast?

Exhibit A. Check it:

color-wheel contrast

Well, since we are talking purple + yellow today, take a look-see at purple on the color-wheel. See how it is directly opposite of the location of yellow on the color-wheel? That means that purple + yellow are opposite on the color-wheel, they are contrasting colors, and that they are technically called “complementary colors.” {for more on the color-wheel, you can catch up on an old-school art lesson here. And have fun reading up on color theory basics here.}

So, what does this mean for decorating? Simply that the colors that are contrasting also happen to be “complementary,” and pleasing to the eye.

There is simple beauty in color contrast.

But don’t take my word for it. Let your eyes do the teaching! Enjoy these amazing images that employ the use of the “complementary colors” purple + yellow:
















Source: via darlene on Pinterest






When opposite colors on the color wheel are used, it creates that high-contrast energy that keeps a room alive.

What do you think of the purple + yellow combination?

Would you use this color combination in your home?

Which of these photos inspires you most?



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  • Purple and Yellow. Reminds me of Chagall’s take on color theory:

    All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.
    Marc Chagall

  • Silly, but the very first impression purple and yellow makes on me is LSU. Can’t help it- it’s in the blood here in Tiger Country. Fashion images normally take a back seat to interior design and home decor images, but the image of the yellow dress and purple heels immediately caught my eye. Fashion or interior design- the color combination of purple and yellow is an undeniable force.

  • Why does this color combo remind me of Painted House Angela? I wonder what color combo makes people think of me…

  • It’s funny, yellow is my favorite color and purple is my least favorite color…but they sure do look gorgeous together! Now that my 2 year old loves pink and purple, I’m learning to be more accepting of it. :) I really like the pic of the deep lilac wall with the gold velvet sofa – I wouldn’t do it in my home but it is truly lovely!

  • I love yellow and purple together… but in the garden. Plant some lobelia in a pot with some marigolds and a grean leafy, and wallah! Also my pale orange tabby looks good lying on a lavender towel. Inside, neither are colors I really love as they tend to have a farmhouse-daisy-fresh springtime feel. I might be able to live with a dramatic version of it such as an eggplant room with cream silk chairs.

  • Lovely photos and rooms! I would have to choose the one with the purple drapes hanging behind the white couch – very serene and comfortable looking.

  • Hi! Darlene great article. Purple and Yellow color are my favorite i really love them together. Purple is royal and yellow symbolizes inspiration it is really good to go together.

  • Hi Darleen great articles. I really like purple and yellow together. Yellow means happiness, its makes use feel lighter when wearing it while purple symbolizes royalty and sophistication.

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