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Thursday, August 30, 2012 by {darlene}

My client just moved into a new home, and just as you enter her house, you come right into a soaring great room. The ceiling is 2.5 stories high in some places, and there is a stone fireplace that rises between a wall of windows. My goal was to create a sophisticated great room that felt welcoming, and worked for a young family.

Spaces that are large and grand, like great rooms, often need to be “brought down to size” by creating a break in the height, and by using different “room zones” throughout the room. Room zones are different conversation groupings, as well as different furniture groupings that coexist within the same overall space.

In this welcoming family room, the “Room zones” that can be found are:

1. Entryway

2. Music room

3. Conversation/Main seating area

4. Desk area

Not all of these zones are distinguishable on the Design Board, so I thought I would also show you the floor plan for this space:

sophisticated great room

My client had a lot of furniture that she wanted to integrate into the space. The design board consists of both her current furnishings, brand new furnishings, family heirlooms, and re-upolstered pieces.

sophisticated great room

What I love about this space:

1. The contrasting mix of traditional and graphic prints.

2. The cool aquas versus the warm melon tones.

3. The sophisticated white X-benches with chocolate piping {that match the nesting boxes on the console!}.

4. The client’s antique table that is being used as a desk.

5. The elegant tone-on-tone look of the walls and the curtains.

6. Warm and modern pillows dress up a comfy leather sofa.

7. Splashes of gold accents are strewn throughout.

8. The lemon trees!

9. The stunning accent fabrics. Even pricey fabrics can make an appearance when used in moderation.

What do you think of this eDesign? Have you ever thought about adding “room zones” to your space?  I love hearing your thoughts!



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