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Friday, September 14, 2012 by {darlene}

DIY lighting projects? Yep.  Most of you know how I feel about DIYs. I am not a huge DIY gal. I rarely do DIYs, unless absolutely necessary.

And truth: here is my own, personal, raw opinion of DIYs: I don’t actually think most of them are worth doing.

Except when they are. And sometimes, they are!

Sometimes, stunning design can be replicated for a fraction of the cost – with just a bit of elbow grease! {<- tweet this }

And so, I am starting a new series of posts called “DIY’s worth doing” that will comprise of a line-up of projects that receive my “Worth Doing!!” Seal of Approval.


And what better category to start with than lighting? Lighting is a SUPER pricey aspect of home decorating.

If you see a project below that you like, follow the links over to the originating blog to read the directions and see if it is DIY worthy for you. But as for me, I say ditto-diy-worthy!

diy lighting projects

The first project that I want to share is very ditto worthy, and quite simple for a DIY. I LOVE this cube light that was created by Vintage Revivals. Definitely worth doing:

diy lighting projects {via vintage revivals}

I think the modern edges of this next light fixture make it ditto worthy. If you were to purchase a light of similar design, it could get quite pricey. So, while this is an involved project, I think it is worth it:

  diy lighting projects

{via Lindsey Adelman}

If you don’t mind cutting out triangles while watching TV, this next project is worth it. I love the FUN look of this DIY light fixture:

diy lighting projects

 {via the 3 R’s blog}

This project below is not only worth doing, but is SUPER handy to know about. Every home has a lamp that could use this DIY treatment. Goodbye ugly cords:

diy lighting projects

{via View Along the Way}

Sooo…. I am not 100% convinced that this next project is “worth doing,” instead of buying. If it were me, I might just cough up the $499.00 if I really wanted this light. But, still, $500 IS a lot of money. And, if you are crafty, I really think this is a stunner. So, yes, that makes it worth doing:

diy lighting projects

 {via Gus and Lula}

I LOVE this cute little DIY desk lamp. Well… DIY may be a stretch since it is sold as a kit. But, for me, that still counts… because I have to pull out a screwdriver! Worth it:

diy lighting projects

{via Remodelista}

 And last but not least for today’s round up, I adore this project. Simple. Lovely. Glam. Refreshing. Worth Doing:

diy lighting projects

{via Splendid Objects}

So. Which project is “Worth Doing” for you??  Which project would you be willing to tackle?




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  • Can i just say that this is a brilliant way to follow up the “I am not a millionaire” post? Unique, gorgeous lighting seems to be WAY OVERPRICED in my opinion. If I could get the look of these lights for a lot less money, I would most certainly do it. Just think Darlene, you could string beads while watching Chuck!!!:) Loved all of the ideas you put in this post!!

  • Thank you for the link love my sweet friend! <3

  • ALL total DIY’s worth doing! — that tutorial from kelly @ view along the way is just BEYOND…she is amazing :)

  • I found a lovely soft gold chandelier yesterday at a chain hardware store. And I’m gonna DIY it up all even prettier than it already is. And you know I am not a DIY’er either, unless I deem it necessary or a good idea to spend my time on it! xoxo Love your post!

  • Ambitious projects and doable for DIY’s! I’ve had some luck with using Rub N Buff on existing lamp bases that I need to use but want new! Spray painting works as well but, for me, it looks like I spray-painted them so I’d rather Rub N Buff!

  • Yay!! Another fun new series, love it! That beady, shellish chandy is purely beautiful. Would definitely try it with some instruction. Thanks Darlene!

  • I’m a total DIY’er. But I’m also a decent artist, skilled seamstress, and know my way around a screwdriver. It’s not for everybody, but it works for me, partly because I’m a perfectionist, but also because I have an overwhelming desire to be unique and I hate the idea that my neighbors all have the same light fixture as I do. If you ever come into my house and we have a photo frame that says, “Live Laugh Love” on it, just slap me.

    That said, I respect that a lot of people are happier with a purchase than they would be with my handmade doohickey. It’s just that our style is all US, right down to the artwork my kids made framed on the wall.

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