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Friday, September 7, 2012 by {darlene}

Today, you are getting my ramblings. In note form. Oh, dear. It must be Friday.

1. We started homeschool last month, but this was our first week of full run-all-over-God’s-green-earth activities, so we did some more “first day” pics. Aren’t they darling? And getting SO big! I JUST LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!

2. Matt and I have officially just finished RE-watching the entire 5 seasons of Chuck, from beginning to end. And I am sad all over again. Why must good things end? If you didn’t watch this show, then you are missing one of the greatest love stories of all times. The Nerd gets the Girl, and loves her well {that is how we roll at our house, too…. But I look nothing like Yvonne Strahovski}. We never ever get tired of this show. Pics via here.

The final scene. I could just cry looking at it…

Nor do I tire of this face. Hi, Zac.

Chuck lovers, did you read this awesome post?

To my dear awesome friend Sheila: I am gonna need Season One back, m’kay? No. For real.

3. I have updated my portfolio. You can check it out by clicking here, or on the portfolio tab above.

4. I am sick.

as. a. dog.

I have been sick as a dog for 2 weeks. TWO! That’s all. waaah. Three cheers for my wonderful hubby Matt, who has been taking care of us ALL so well.

5. The Wait List for Design Services are still closed, but I am starting to see the light. So… soon, maybe?

6. We went to see Jonah at Sight and Sound theater today, something I have wanted to do for a long time. It was amazing. A huge whale sailed over our heads, y’all. And I was in my musical theatre element, happily humming show tunes. There was a rockin’ gospel number called “I’m Free” that nearly got me out of my seat.

{I can’t upload the fun pic, and I refuse to try for the 9th time. See note number 8, and imagine me throwing things}

7. We almost got a cat.

But the day after we got her inoculated and prepared to bring her indoors, she showed up with a LOT of kittens. Seems that momma cat was still needed in the wild.

8. WordPress is giving me a hard time when I upload photos. Is this happening to anyone else -Do tell!!? When I upload pics, my entire post disappears. NOT. COOL. So sorry for the sporadic posting. I may or may not have cussed at my computer this week.

9. I am super excited about 2 new Pinterest Groups that I am a part of:

15 Must-Follow Christian Women on Pinterest {of course, there are WAY more than 15 who should-be-followed, but what a lovely honor and a great collection of inspiration!}


{This Is Beautiful} – the Master Designer Pinboard

Hope you will Follow along!

10. Here is a really cute pic of my husband. I have no specific reason whatsoever for sharing this. But, dang, isn’t he cute? {that bird applique on the glass wall makes me giggle. Doesn’t the bird realize he is about to fly into my hubby’s armpit?}

Okay. Enough of my ramblings about lately.

What have you been up to lately??



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  • Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well! You’ve been pretty busy for a sick woman, when I am sick I only lay on the couch and whine!

    Enjoy homeschooling, is this your first year doing it? I have considered it a few times but haven’t made that leap yet.

    Have a great day! Get some rest!

  • TKraft Art & Interiors

    Boy oh boy, I really enjoy reading when you ramble. These two new interior boards are well integrated and beautifully executed, I love the turquoise colored details scatter throughout the rooms, as well as your mix of the posh luxury furnishings and the on-trend elements. FYI any guy in a classic button down oxford is handsome at any age to me! TGIF

  • Hope you feel better beautiful!!! Your family is stunning.

  • yes, your guy is easy on the eyes . . . .

    sending get well and feel better thoughts your way!

  • Unpacking, unpacking, and unpacking. And trying to find paint colors. We’re hoping our textbooks arrive on Monday so we can start school (finally) and get back into a routine. Regardless, we’re starting Monday. We went to C.E. Cheese’s today for our final hurrah and will be at the air show on base tonight. Our language teacher insisted wearing a scarf or one of those neck fleece things at night while you sleep would help your throat; hubs is a believer. I stick to the tea and honey. Our friends across the pond are believers in a little vodka, too. :)

  • You just answered my question I sent you on your FB message! Yes, you started school I see. Loving the backpacks. hehe. So cute :)

  • Your little guys are adorable. Hope you feel better soon.

  • So sorry to hear you are sick my friend. Praying you get better soon!! Your boys are just adorable! And took a peek at your updated portfolio -its lovely! You’ve been cranking out some amazing boards.
    p.s. thought of you recently when I added my magenta pillows to my sofa-Im LOVING that pop of hot pink! (I posted a couple of pics on my blog)

    Take care lovely lady!! *hugs*

  • Yes, all darling boys! :) Thanks for the smile.

  • I guess since you used the words “dear” and “awesome” before my name, I will return season 1 to you. See you soon!

  • Lots of eye candy in this post!

    Wait, so no more kitty!?!? Wha?

    No homeschooling mama should be laid out sick at the beginning of the school year. Prayers your way! (We start in a week…can’t believe it.)

    Those boys…so adorable.

    Where’s kitty?!?

    Love the new Pinterest board.

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