thank you! and love you! and squeal!
Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by {darlene}

I have a line-up of fun news and lavish thank yous and love yous. Blogging brings me so many blessings. I am really feeling that love today!

First of all!

and mostly non-blog related.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love my man! Have I mentioned recently how much I love my man??

Today is our wedding anniversary. On one of the most GORGEOUS days of the year, 13 years ago, I got hitched to a man who is gorgeous in hunki-ness and heart. Oh, I still think it was the prettiest wedding ever { <- click to see pics from our wedding day}!

One of the most wonderful moments on our wedding day resulted from a mistake. At the very end of our ceremony, there was an awkward silence where the “You may kiss the bride…” was supposed to be. Neither hubby nor I noticed… we were just two clueless and happy and awestruck kids. Eventually the bagpipes kicked in, and we did the recessional, excited to be announced husband and wife.

We had a traditional bridal march across the small town of Long Valley, New Jersey to our reception site: a restored 200 year old stone barn {um. would you expect anything else from me?}. It was THEN that we realized, Oh my, we never had our first kiss!! I was so disappointed… until I saw the photo proof of our first ever kiss as husband and wife:

Proof that the imperfect is perfect.

Happy Anniversary, honey. 13 is going to be a great year!



I never ceased to be amazed by the wonderful people I get to meet through my work! My clients most of all! I am so humbled by this fantastic testimonial that my client Sarah wrote about working with me on her blog. Ever wonder about the benefits of working with an Online Designer? Her kind words fill me with joy in the humblest of ways. It is SUCH a delight to use my gifting to help others add beauty and LIFE to their homes!!


Again, I blush! My sweet friend – who some of you may just know from blogland – Miss Nester, shared some link love with me in this post from her FANTASTIC 31 Days Series: Home. On Purpose. This is a girl with some seriously WISE words about what makes a house a home. So, do you have your “Don’t Buy” Word yet? Nester and I do….

{seriously, Nester. I HAD to rip this adorable picture of you off of your site and plaster it here. Because you are just about the CUTEST thing ever! EVER. …. oh wait. My “Don’t Buy” alarm is going off. Hmm.}


I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for my dear friend Edie. If you don’t know Edie, oh, you simply MUST!  Here is just a teeny snippet of her home story: She lost nearly all of her earthly belongings in a house fire, walked the difficult heart journey of rebuilding heart and home, rebuilt her home in a total beautiful reflection of her amazing self. It is no surprise that Better Homes and Gardens wanted to share her home story with the world {read all about her photo shoot here}!

{image via life in grace}

It was my joy to walk along side Edie in redecorating 5 rooms in her amazing new home. We did her workroom, her girls room, her Master bedroom, her Living Room, and parts of her kitchen together. And so, I am as giddy as a school girl to announce that my interiors will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens January issue!!!!!!!!!

{can you hear me squealing over here?} Go ahead. Pinch me!


Do you all know how much you bless me by allowing me the privilege of sharing my thoughts and designs here at Fieldstone Hill?

SO Thank you! And LOVE YOU! and Squeeeal!



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