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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by {darlene}

I recently finished a kitchen keeping room for a client that turned out to be SO pretty.

{sidebar: a keeping room is an area/room that is just off of the kitchen. It can also be called a hearth room, and now, most people call this room a family room}

This room  has a whole lot of pretty: a pretty view, a pretty color palette, and plenty of pretty furnishings.

I like pretty.

{sidebar: one thing I do not like is politics. I have vowed to keep the television off the entire day today – which is not unusual at our crazy house anyway, but we certainly don’t plan to veer from that today… however tempting it may seem.}

{sidebar to my sidebar: If you are reading FHD from USA, be sure you VOTE today! The end.}

What was I saying?

Oh, yes! I vote for pretty!

And so did my client as we dove into one of my recent projects, a keeping room that would serve as a beautiful, and also useful, family hangout.

One of the best features in this space was the view of a lake, so we kept that in mind throughout the project. Making sure that the lake could be seen and enjoyed was the priority. After that, my client wanted a place where she could work {a mini office using a secretary desk} while enjoying the lovely view as well. We wanted to have fun with color as well, while still keeping a sophisticated palette. I just love how this room evolved:

keeping room


What I love about this space:

1. That amazing chesterfield sofa.

2. The bold coral color on the walls.

3. The steady presence of cream throughout the space that allows the eye to rest.

4. Stunning pillows that are worth the splurge.

5. The very subtle presence of birds and nests.

6. Pom-pom fringe curtain panels! Yay!

7. A ladies chair, all her own.

8. The graphic rug against the delicate, soft lines throughout.

9. That this room is pretty. We could all use a room that says, “pretty!” in our homes.


What do you think of this eDecor?  I love hearing your thoughts! Do you vote for pretty??

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Breaking News on Election Day:

Guess what?? My list is open!!! I am accepting a few new design clients and my wait-list is temporarily open!

Click over to my Design Service Page for more information.


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