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Friday, November 16, 2012 by {darlene}

Images Of

{“Images Of” is the new name of my post series, formerly known as Pin-spiration}

Yesterday, I met with a {fun, sweet, adorable, stylish} new local client, and we had a ball walking through her lovely home. My favorite part of our consultation together, other than getting to chat and connect, was when I nudged her into adding some gutsy, colorful pillows to her sofa.

You could tell she wanted to.

And you could tell she loved it!

…  you could tell she second guessed it.

Aren’t we ALL like that?? We want the fun gutsy look. But when it actually comes to adding some guts to our own homes, we revert to wall-flower mode.

We doubt.

Well. For the love of all things fun, lovely, and gutsy… I say GO FOR IT!!!

It is just a pillow. It is just a little paint. It is just some fabric.

Stop talking yourself out of it, and go for it!

… now where was I?

Oh, yes!  You can’t imagine how her plain putty-colored sofa came to life when we added some magenta and navy to the mix.

In honor of my new friend/client’s sofa, I dedicate these images of sofas. Neutral sofas that would otherwise be DULL without their lively pillows.







Source: via darlene weir on Pinterest
















Is it time for you to add some LIVELY to your neutral sofa?

Tell me. What seating in your home is just crying for a pillow that is full of life!?



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  • My plain brown leather sofa already has colorful pillows. I make lots of pillow covers so they change all the time.

    It’s that huge wall art that I need! I notice in every pic with big wall art that my eye is drawn there.

  • I just made some fun pillow covers last week, and they certainly made a huge difference to the blank slate!

  • I neeeeed to add some fabulous pillows to my brown couch! I keep telling myself that I will learn to sew, so I can make my own covers. Soon I hope!

  • You’re fantastic Darlene! I can’t believe I can not only live with this sofa but LOVE it! Thanks for egging me on to take some much-needed risk!

  • I added magenta pillows to my black sofa just a few weeks ago. It really wakes up the place!

  • I’m so happy I found you!!! You have my “design paralysis” nailed!!!!! I do know what I like, but I tend to shrink back when it comes to applying it in my home!! We just got 2 beautiful tan couches to go in our neutral room with neutral carpet (after years of patterned couches, I’m thrilled to have a “blank canvas” to play with…) My gut says to put up black and white horizontal stripe curtains, but I also want to accent the room with navy and blues…a few greens or purples…do I go with the neutral stripe curtain instead??? Oh, I wish you were here :)

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