orange obsession {part one: looking dapper}
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by {darlene}

Orange. orange. How I love thee.

I confess. I felt as though I betrayed thee last week, when I pledged my favoritism to fuchsia.

But can’t a girl have two favorites?

Just ask my boys. If you asked them what my favorite color is, they would pledge up and down. Orange!

* * *

Well, orange. These posts are for you. That’s right. I am dedicating two posts in a row to my beloved orange.

Because I love thee.

Let me start out by sharing 3 pics that make orange look its best.

Pics of my guys, of course. School pics!!!!

I don’t chat about it too much here on this ol’ decorating blog, but many of you know that I homeschool my boys. It is one of the best things in my life {not to be confused with easiest}, and I love being with them and watching them learn. It has plusses and minuses, being a homeschool momma. I could gush about the plusses, but one thing that can be a bummer is the lack of annual school pics. I am SO thankful that we have a local group who organizes yearbook-style photo sessions for us.

And so, I could not resist… showing you my boys. {In orange classic stripes of course}. Seriously, aren’t they dashing? How I wish you could see catch a glimpse of how sweet and funny and energetic they are. Oh, I could show you designs galore, but all of my loves and creations pale in comparison to these blessings:

My Second Grader, 2012


My Kindergartener, 2012


Class picture, the O.W.L. Academy 2012


All of these stunning pics were taken by the super talented Erin Dickson. If you hop-sy on over to her website, Erin Dickson Photography, you might just be able to spot more pics of our family. In orange, of course.

Won’t you show Erin some love? I would love to help encourage her and build her up with some Facebook likes. Would you be willing to click on over and Like her page? Thank you! I just love helping women business owners as they use their talents. I think one of Erin’s greatest gifts is that of capturing the eyes of her subjects so well. When you peruse her portfolio and pics on her Facebook page, I am sure you will agree.

Tomorrow, a line-up of drool-worthy pics and interiors that can make orange look almost as wonderful as my boys make orange look. See you, same bat time.


* * * * *

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