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Friday, November 9, 2012 by {darlene}

The femme fatale.

I love her.

Sometimes I don’t know where my love for fashion ends and my love for interiors begins.

Fashion inspires my interiors.

A lot.

Interiors inspire my fashion.

Why be drab when you can be gorgeous? Why have a drab home when you can have one that makes your eyes light up?

I am inspired by these fabulous femmes.






















The fashion of the femme fatale inspires me.

Laces? Velvets? Rich Colors? Rich Patterns? Silks and Satins? Mixing textures?

What is your favorite femme design inspiration?




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  • Beautiful! I love the winter white coat in the first photo. we would need lots of money to look like that.

    • Hi Carol!! You are probably right that if we wanted to look EXACTLY like that {purchasing each specific item in the photo}, we would need a lot of money. But I firmly, wholeheartedly believe that you can get looks like this without much money at all. What makes these ladies most stunning is their upright posture and glowing confidence. You would be surprised at the looks you can throw together, from places like T.J.Maxx etc., that could transform you into a Hollywood icon! Be not discouraged! Be inspired!!!

  • This is fabulous! I am not a lover of fashion but I do appreciate seeing fashionable people :). Love the shot with the gal with the large bun on the top of her head. Fabulous.

  • Me too! Love fashion!! I think my favorite is the makeup–the heavy lashes, the eyeliner, the bright lipstick. It’s like playing dress-up when we were little girls…

  • I like the jeans, all dressed up and levitated with silk top and red heels — not by chance that this style corresponds to my decor mantras, discovered after doing one of your style exercises—Serene yet energetic, textured, breathes, balanced yet unexpected.

    Love that outfit!

  • So true on your “why’s”

  • Awesome clothes…BUT…These girls have nothing on you Darlene! You have that same kind of elegance and savvy! (:>)

    Love, Linda

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