Decorating Yourself :: The flowing top {reined in}
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by {darlene}

the flowing top

the flowing top

the flowing top

 Grab some skinny jeans. {mine are designer jeans, because I swear by them and think they are the only ONLY clothing item that is worth the splurge}

Throw on some flow, with a flowing top. {mine is from Guess outlet}

Cinch it up with a favorite belt. {mine is Anthropologie}

Toss on a chunky, fun necklace. I happen to be a sucker for gold. {mine is from Walmart}

and, although my son chopped them out of the picture, I was wearing high, heeled booties with this outfit – which looked cute. you’ll have to trust me. {smile}

{earrings: Target. bracelets: street fair}


Do you have a blousy, flowing top? Try reining it in with a belt that cinches, and accentuate your girlish curves.

Would you Rock this Look?




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