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Wednesday, December 19, 2012 by {darlene}

All over the place.

There are zillions of things I think to tell you. But my mind is seriously like a sieve these days. SO, I am just putting it all together in one very unpretty, but-mostly-informative post.


How can I thank you for all of your kind and loving comments lately? In my imaginary world, I joyfully respond to each and every one… but the truth is, I READ each and every one, and smile at each and every one, and feel the love of the best-est readers this side of the Mississippi – and that side, too.

So, here I say: THANK YOU!! You guys are the best! Thank you for loving me through this tough post, and for cheering me on in the most surreal fun news of my design career, and for encouraging me on this post that was really hard for me to publish.

I mean what I say: You guys are the best.


Some places you will find FHD around the web lately. Hang in there with me; there are some inspiring links coming right up:

1. One of my favorite addictions hobbies is pinning. And you?? Hey, I have a good excuse… it is for work. Right?? So, needless to say, I am super tickled to be a BHG Pinning Pro.You can find me Pinning for this board and this board.

2.  Find me pinning and follow along on an awesome new Pinboard: Must Follow Interior Designers. There is some AMAZING talent all wrapped up in that Pinboard.

3. One of my new favorite group boards is made up of Master Designers, also a super talented group of amazing ladies, and I think the beauty of these pins will take your breath away. Come follow our Pinboard, {this is beautiful} The Master Designer Pinboard

4. And, I am also a Pinner for these fun boards: Must Follow Christian Women, and RooMag by Candace Cameron Bure.

5. I shared a post last week on Candace Cameron’s RooMag, where I am the Home Interiors contributor: Let your Values Influence Your Decorating. If you are looking to motivate and jump-start your decorating, this post would be a great place to start!

6. I also shared my first contributor post over at the wildly fun new blog, Together in Ten. You will love this blog about throwing together fun fashion looks – and the line-up of contributors is amazing! Check it out, friends!

7. One of my clients and friends is featured in Women’s Day this month. We collaborated on another room together, but you can see the curtains I recommended for her dining room in this feature. How fun is that? Besides picking up a Woman’s Day, you should totally check out her blog, Four Generations One Roof. Jessica, I supportcha!


All over the place, I tell ya. I think those were enough links for any sane reader to pursue, so I won’t carry on with more. But, I will instead ask you a question:

Did you get your Better Homes and Gardens January Issue??

Tell me {insert impatient/giddy squeal}… what did you think!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????




* * * * *

Only 1 week left ’til Christmas, but there is still time. Plus, we have friends that do New Years’ Cards – which I think is a great idea!  Check out our family Christmas cards here, and place your order. See site for great discount codes.

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  • Thanks Darlene, you are so funny and of course, I supportcha also :) I didn’t know (I don’t think I knew??? ha) about the fashion blog. Need to check that out! How fun :) It’s looking like the beginning of the new year we will embark on our new room with you. Geez, it’s already Christmas. Can’t even believe it.

  • Whooooy! Loved Edie’s story and your fingerprints all over her house, I still need to read your article over at their website, duh! Way to go! xoxoox

  • Wow Darlene I think you are super fabulous and a great designer! I will go to the links!!

    Love and Hugs
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