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Monday, December 17, 2012 by {darlene}

I can’t seem to post my normal ditto today.

My heart is heavy. We see again and again that so many do not value, or devalue, life. “Me first,” the ads, and TVs, and phyco-therapists say. We live in a time when children are severely devalued in this country. Save the trees and the puppies but DO NOT discuss saving the babies with me – that is not even open to civil discourse. People choose all sorts of things over choosing children. Children! The most precious of all.

On Saturday, we went to Manhattan. My sweet 5 year old accidentally bumped his water over at dinner and it fell down and splashed. I heard the young woman sitting beside us {early 20’s?} gasp in disgust – a few drops of water had landed on her! A moment later, while we were in the process of getting extra napkins and sopping up the water and asking my son to be more careful and telling him he must apologize to the lady who was splashed, her friend turned to us with an incredibly smug smile. She announced, with a voice that dripped of self-righteousness, “You REALLY should be more careful next time.”

I said, “It was an accident. It was just a 5 year old.”

To which the lady with 5 drops of water on her snapped, “You really should learn how to control your children then.”

Oh, she will get hers – especially if she ever has children. But that is another conversation.

My point is that, THIS is where it begins. Never mind the innocence of children: WE are more important than the person sitting next to us at the restaurant. WE deserve the parking spot, WE were there first. WE deserve to not get bumped into in a subway car. WE deserve revenge.

WE deserve. WE deserve. WE deserve.

Friends, we forget that darkness and selfishness is in the heart of man. We yearn to be optimistic, but the fact of the matter is that all of us, even our children, are born with this darkness in our hearts. Daily, this darkness wipes out and murders child after child after child all around the world.

Only selfless, dying love can heal dark hearts.

And that selfless, dying love even died for the thief on the cross. For the “me-first” murder in our own hearts. And for the murderer himself.



But the children….

Oh, the children.


I love them. I adore the children.

Even though they try my patience in crazy ways some days, they are precious. The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.










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