Inspired to :: go buffalo check
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

buffalo check elegance

{image via my Just Lovely Pinboard. Come follow my obsessive Pinboards}

buffalo check - Master Bedroom Design Board- eDesign by Fieldstone Hill Design

{eDesign by Fieldstone Hill Design}


  • go buffalo check. wear buffalo check. decorate buffalo check.
  • think retro glam.
  • install a european balcony off of my bedroom. dream……
  • Put up my hair.
  • Use this fun buffalo pattern in my rooms. Like in this room. And this room.
  • Have good posture
  • Remember that simplicity equals elegance.
  • Enjoy bold patterns and use them freely. Enjoy the FUN of them!

So. What does this picture inspire you to do/feel/create/think……

What are you Inspired To?



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  • Checks just make me smile! I love how they make a formal feeling room completely relax. Beautiful design board!

  • Buffalo checks remind me of 1982. We wore flannel shirts with offset buttons and long prairie skirts with ballet flats. And listened to Michael Jackson on our Walkmen. I don’t know if I can ever see buffalo checks without humming Billy Jean and doing a little moonwalk.

    I think that was before you were born!

  • Oh golly…I love them, too! Have been using them for decades and still do. Can’t seem to do a house without them. We used to call them Out-sized Gigham in the olden’ days. This picture inspires me to call my mom….I think I first feel in love with black & white Buffalo checks because of an everyday cotton dress she wore in the 50’s when I was little :-)

  • I would so wear that dress…but probably just the skirt with a solid colored tee. OMGoodness, her waist is so tiny!

    One of the first things my hubby noticed about me when we met was my perfect posture. :)

  • I don’t know that I would want to wear that dress…but the model surely is lovely in it. The balcony….that is dreamy!!! I see buffalo check pop up here and there and it always seems to make a room feel warm and inviting. What rooms in your house are calling for buffalo check?

  • I’d like to come down for dinner wearing this dress – with my hair up just like hers. I wonder what my family would think….

  • Darlene-I have been pining for the buffalo check chairs by Ethan Allen, and I LOVE that dress. Checking my posture now!

  • To look outside the box….mix it up, patterns and have fun with it all!

    2012 Artists Series,

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