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Friday, December 21, 2012 by {darlene}

A Last Minute Christmas?

Last Minute Christmas

1. I forgot a Hostess Gift!

Forget to get a gift for that hostess? Do you have honey, butter, and cinnamon on hand? Try this amazing Cinnamon Honey Butter! And don’t be thwarted if you don’t have a pretty jar. Put it in a small tupperware, and put gorgeous bows all over plus a tiny branch off of your Christmas tree, and then check it off your list.

cinnamon honey butter

2. I need more Christmas decor around me!

Truly, all you need to make Christmas beautiful are two things: greens and bows

Or try taking one of the lower branches off of your Christmas tree and hanging it on your door; or anywhere for that matter. {no link for this one, but I did snap a pic for you of what I hung on our door last night. We are also blessed to have a holly tree that has prolific berries, so all of this was free.}!

last minute christmas

Make some ornaments out of grapefruits, oranges, limes or lemons:

last minute christmas

Or Hang ornaments from your chandy.

christmas chandelier

3. I forgot to get wrapping paper!

Try Brown Paper Packages Tied up in String.

last minute Christmas

4. I need more Christmas spirit!

To-do list got you down?

Give a gift certificate to a family you know that is unemployed this Christmas. You will be shocked at how it improves YOUR Christmas.

Do not hesitate: Read this post. It changed our Christmas celebrating forever.

We start our Christmas morning by rushing to the Manger, to see if He is there. Then, after merry making, present opening, and baked french toast eating, we sit on our sofa… in our warm house… and read this book:

last minute christmas

created by my cousin Jonas Bendiksen, a renowned photographer. This book is based on his exhibition that explores 4 of the largest slums in our world. 

After we read about the reality of the world around us, we sit – all snuggled together, with magazines in hand.

And then we give.

* * *

I hope your final days of Advent are filled with JOY.

Merry Christmas, dear friends.

 What do you have left to do for Christmas???


* * * * *

Only 1 week left ’til Christmas, but there is still time. Plus, we have friends that do New Years’ Cards – which I think is a great idea!  Check out our family Christmas cards here, and place your order. See site for great discount codes.

* * *

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