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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

no matchy-matchy

{image via my Just Lovely Pinboard. Come follow my obsessive Pinboards}


  • Say NO to matchy-matchy; instead, pick things I LOVE, and wear them like I mean it.
  • Say YES to red gingham shoes.
  • Carry a bling-ed up, yet totally classy clutch.
  • Keep my nails short. And paint them boldly.
  • Get blousey, and flowy, and scarfy, and pleated.
  • Remember that accessories make or break an outfit. Yet again.
  • Fuchsia shoes. How I love thee fuchsia!

So. What does this picture inspire you to do/feel/create/think……

What are you Inspired To?



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  • What fun outfits! This inspires me to let my instincts be my guide when I get dressed. It is so much more fun & creative that way. :) Definitely copying the short, colorful nails!

  • First off, I went to the pinboard, and from there to the original collage of pix, and from there to the collage that one was grabbed from, and on THAT (second) collage, was a picture my daughter drew! I have the original lying sort of unloved-looking on my desk. She put it on her blog two years ago and apparently it got picked up and passed around and now is just floating around out there, and nobody knows it’s hers! Isn’t that funny?

    Second, what I love:
    that sweater
    the arm party on the farther away girl
    short nails, because I have to keep mine short to play the guitar and banjo and always feel like it’s not very pretty to have such short nails and callouses on my fingertips, and she proves that it can be pretty, glamorous even, to have short nails.

  • I do the short bold painted nails (my favorite is fuchsia). I feel it makes up a little for the fact that I live in yoga pants and t-shirts (although the t-shirts have some sort of sparkle to them). I like the glam clutch. I can “fancy up” my purse to maybe help my look.

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