The Color Commitment Quiz { It’s Emerald City in blogland. }
Friday, January 25, 2013 by {darlene}

Welcome to Emerald City.

If you haven’t noticed all of the Emerald-inspired posts all over blogland, well… maybe you are not a regular blog reader.

This year, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013 is Emerald. Which is SO fun. And it gives all of us in blogland something colorful to chit-chat about.

But I would love to chat about this trend for a second and ask:

Is it Ditto-Worthy?

Well, just like any trend, I think the answer is Yes, or No.

It ALL. all. COMPLETELY. depends on how YOU {not the “trend-setters”} feel about Emerald Green. 


What do we do when we have color commitment issues??

Let’s make this into a fun little quiz, shall we:

Color Commitment Quiz

This quiz can be used with any color. For our purposes today, and for the love of all things Emerald, let’s just use Emerald Green, shall we? But feel free to replace the underlined color with any color you waffle over.

I recommend going with your first instinct as you answer these very serious questions:

1.Do you LOVE Emerald Green? {when you see it, you feel happy, inspired and full of life. you gravitate toward it, a lot}

2.Do you LIKE Emerald Green? {you gravitate toward it from time to time. you find it pretty in certain things}


3. Do you NEVER ever gravitate toward emerald green? {you don’t own a single item in this color. it makes you wrinkle up your nose}

Now What??

Number Threes: {Emerald City? No thank you!!!}

If you are in the #3 camp, I officially give you permission to continue wrinkling your nose at this color. Emerald Green is not for you. Feel no pressure WHATSOEVER to include any of it in YOUR home. Regardless of how many blog posts that tell you to do so!

However, you might want to keep on reading… to figure out how to handle colors you DO love – that just so happen to turn into trends. {<– tweet this }

Number Twos: {Emerald City? That sounds like a fun place!}

If you are a  #2, i.e. you “like” Emerald Green, then you might consider adding a splash of this pretty trend into your home. But let’s go with some low-commitment choices shall we? Low-commitment as far as cost, ease, and replace-ability; SUCH AS:

1. Pillows

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you?

{image via BHG}

2. Paint

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{image via The Painted House}

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{image via My Pinboards, original source unknown}

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{design and image via natty by design}

3. Curtain Panels

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{design by Kay Douglass}

Number Ones: {Emerald City? I have ALWAYS wanted to move there!}

If you are a #1, and you LOVE Emerald, I would like to know: have you loved Emerald for years? Years?? If the answer is NO, hop up to the Number Twos answer to find out how to start adding some Emerald love into your home. Once you have lived with it in your home for a while, you will be able to assess whether you have a long-lasting love or a trendy love for this color.

But, if the answer is, “Yes. I have ALWAYS loved Emerald Green. Since I was a kid! I still love it!!,” then I officially give you permission to, not only add this to your home, but to trust what you love and really dive into this color! Surround yourself with what you love. Not only can you make additions to you home such as those listed in the Number Twos, but you can even get gutsier. You can even invest time and money into your Emerald Loving. SUCH AS:

 1. Wallpaper

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{image via Osborne and Little, wallpaper: Davidia}

2. Tile or other permanent design elements

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{image via My Pinboards, original source unknown}

3. Upholstery and Rugs

Emerald City. Is the Emerald Trend for you? {via Fieldstone Hill Design}

{design by Kelly Wearstler}

Do you dare to cover a sofa in Emerald Green {or substitute other color there}?

Well, I am here to argue that if you have ALWAYS loved Emerald Green, it really isn’t that much of a risk, now then, IS IT??

And so,

That’s how it is with colors. It doesn’t matter whether or not the color is a trend. You must discern whether or not you like, love, or dislike a color. You need to think about how long you have loved that color.

Once you have thought through how YOU feel about a color, you can confidently ignore the trends… and make your own trends! You are on your way to having your own Signature Style!

Remember, this quiz can be used to help you really think about any color.

Live with what you LOVE! And don’t decorate {or NOT decorate} out of fear! { <- Tweet this }




How about some more Emerald Love?!! A group of dear blogging buds of mine also tackled the Pantone Color of 2013 today. I encourage you to stop by their blogs and enjoy all the Emerald GOODNESS that is going around. I also happen to know that you’ll discover some new blogs to love, cause these girls have hearts of gold. Simply click each of the three photos below to be taken to that post.




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  • i definitely handle it in little splashes. i love it in other people’s homes, but in my homes, i bring it in in waves- usually february and march i add a bit, then as it gets warmer i switch to something else! :)

  • Great post. Emerald is definitely not for me, but I can appreciate it for others. Hugs, Marty

  • I love emerald, but usually like it as one big unexpected splash, like a wall or paint color or in accessories. It’s so funny that this is the color of the year b/c on my (lengthy) project list I created last January, I have 4 gothic chairs to re-do and I settled on painting them emerald & recovering with the Santa Maria Waverly Desert fabric. Not original, I know, but I think I will like it! I have also been contemplating building a sliding barn door for our laundry room and painting it emerald. It sits at the top of our staircase and is visible from the foyer. I think the door needs to be a statement piece and not just those plain white double doors! :) Sorry for the long comment!

  • I would be in #3 camp, but if a green chalkboard is considered emerald then I’m all in. I have a huge one in my kitchen!

  • I think #1 and #2 are mixed up. In the quiz, #1 is like and #2 is love, but in the pictures, #1 is “moving to Emerald City” and #2 is bits of color.

    And I’m a three. I do not like emerald. I have never liked emerald. I will never like emerald. You have no idea how good it feels to have a strong feeling about something related to decorating! Now I have to find something I’m sure I love!

  • I always appreciate how you break down design into real life, practical things to think about! Here’s what I did with emerald…I bought an emerald purse for this season:) How’s that for low commitment? I’m enjoying it, but I don’t think it’s for me in my house. I do love other shades of green, though.

  • When I first heard about the selection of Emerald as Pantone’s color of the year, I winced. I’ve always thought of Emerald as a very formal, stand- offish color, certainly not something to be found in my home or wardrobe. I’ve had two epiphanies this week. Wednesday, my daughter came visiting in a pair of black skinny jeans, a bright orange rhinestone buttoned cardigan and an emerald green scarf! She looked fabulous! I couldn’t believe how that emerald brightened her face and eyes!
    My second eye opener happened when I saw the emerald pillows on the sofa in the picture above. How lovely and bright! This definitely does not have the ostentatious or overwhelming look of the emerald I know. I’ve not made a total conversion, but I think I might add a sprinkle of emerald to my home and see what happens.

  • Great post! I did one myself this week about NOT bowing to the pressure of design trends… Love how you set up the quiz! I am a no go on the Emerald myself… but I am loving the inspiration photos!

  • Like emerald in splashes. Kind of paint out where we had orange last year and red the year before?

    Also, while I longed for a strong green in the years 1982 through 1989 and used it plenty when it became popular, I guess I was just saturated with it.

    I have draperies stored well, so maybe I’ll get them out!

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