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Have you ever met that kind of woman who makes you feel instantly welcome?

You feel a part of her home, even her family.

You are heard.

And loved.

And fed.

I have. And I want to be more like her.

In my life, that woman’s name is Evelyn. And when I think of hospitality, I think of her.

Like Evelyn, I want to look my guests in the eye, and ignore the telephone, and offer my left-overs, and get out a drink, and laugh and listen. And make my neighbor feel at home. Like they are the most valued of friends. Like nothing is more important than that moment of connecting and laughter.

I also think of Edie.

Did you know that I have never met Edie?

Yes, we decorated 5 rooms together. All online. And we had the most smashing time {Remember the Fat Boys, Edie??}. We even landed on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens together. But we have never met each other.

And this year, God willing, I am going to hug that girl’s neck.

But, even though I have not been in Edie’s home, I associate her with all things hospitable. She loves big. She laughs big, I just know it. And she has a passion for life that she is certainly not content to keep to herself.

Oh, and she can make some mean recipes AND raise a chicken.

Don’t you want to soak in the wisdom of women like these?

Today is the day.

Edie is BLESSING all of us, by sharing a new eBook, “31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality.”

31 Days of Hospitality ebook by Edie of Life In Grace

I want to be that woman.

It won’t happen overnight, but, I am beyond thankful that I have women like this to look to, who point to what really matters, and who shower me with true friendship,

and Hospitality.





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  • I have a couple of friends like that! Such blessings! I try to be hospitable too…but have to admit that it doesn’t come all that easy to me. When I have guests in my home, I always enjoy it. But something keeps me from doing it very often. I think it is because we have large family get togethers every month and I put a lot of effort into them, and at age 62, that takes all of my strength and energy and I don’t feel up to it in the in-between-times! UGH!

    Maybe I need to read your friend’s book!

    Have a glorious day Darlene!

    Love, Linda

  • I have a friend who popped to mind the moment I began reading it. And hospitality just comes so natural to her. A part of that is she just loves people and the other is she really wants people to enjoy themselves when she’s around. Yep, I definitely want to be more like her when I grow up :).

  • Edie is the essence of hospitality, I agree. I still have a beautiful bookmark she gave me that I cherish. Love her, happy for her new book. I just pinned it! :)

  • […] you to all my awesome friends who have shared about the book already: Darlene, Angela,  Emily, Ruth, Shaunna, Emily, Tara, Paige, Sibi, Jennifer,  Ruth, Heather.  Your posts […]

  • Isn’t Edie wonderful? I have been working my way through your posts on discovering my own design style and it has been immensely helpful and also FUN!

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