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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by {darlene}


The push you need today to help you overcome decorating indecision and paralysis, via Fieldstone Hill Design

It is time.

Have you done your homework?

Have you spent countless hours looking at pictures? Weighing your options? Pinning stuff?

Have you realized you can’t have it all?

Have you accepted that?

Have you saved up the money for what you need?

Have you accepted that you are not, indeed, a millionaire. And that there is no sense waiting for the day that you will become one?

Have you realized that unless you put one foot in front of the other, your home will never get decorated?

Have you embraced the reality that change is inevitable?


Have you?

Well, then. My dear friend.

The time has come to make a decision.

Pick something.

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Then. put it in your home.

Live with it for a while. And then ENJOY it.

Now, accept that it may not be perfect. {And also come to grips with the fact that “perfect” only exists in your mind and in magazine shoots}.

Don’t fret over it anymore. It has taken up too much of your brain space…. and face it: your home is in a stalemate.

Aren’t you TIRED of stalemate?



Because it is simply just a _____. { <– insert any home object in there. chair. pillow. bedding. whatever.}.


The time has come to make a decision.

Overcoming Decorating Paralysis Series: Indecision !!  tackled by Fieldstone Hill Design




Do you need more help Overcoming Decorating Paralysis?  Click here, or on the image below:

Overcoming Decorating Paralysis

SO, fess up. What do YOU need to make a decision on in your home??






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  • I need curtains in my dining room. I am waiting for the perfect ones which probably don’t exist. I can’t make a decision but I do know floral pattern is what I want. Thanks for this today!

  • Yes – you are so right! It’s just a___. It’s fabric for me – the fabric that is going to pull the whole room together and all. No pressure on the fabric or anything! I.just.can’t.decide.
    Thank you for the decorating therapy, Darlene! You have no idea how much you’ve helped me narrow down what I want already!

  • LOVE THIS POST! You have really helped me squelch my indecision and now I LOVE my living room! The painting is framed and light fixtures up.. I can’t believe this is the same blah wall and sofa I hated and labored over. Thanks for all your help Darlene!

  • I need a lot of things. I think the last time we checked in, I was pining for a paint color. I found one that I believe will take care of my hallways and upstairs! Hooray! As for decor, I have been picking things, leaving the tags on, and returning. My friend makes fun of me for returning so much- I think it’s a combination of the mere fact that I am back in the US and CAN and also I can test out my ideas without fully committing…the return option is like a big eraser for my decorating (and fashion) faux pas (hmm, not sure how to make that plural)! Rambling…back to the question… I have been contemplating a coffee table I found on Craig’s List; it’s a good size and style, but I don’t have a clue what color I’d paint it so I haven’t bit off on it.

    • ah! the nasty “return” habit. lol!!!! Although it IS nice to try stuff, knowing we can take it back. I hate returning bc I feel like it wastes my time, so I try to REALLY know what I love, and then aim for things that rise to that vision.

  • I have painted my originally bare wood china cabinet four times now. It’s halfway done (the top is coco, the bottom is part white/part coco, but not in a good way) and I gave up and put it in my breakfast room unfinished so I can “study it” for a while! Do I need help?…uh…Do I need help?…let me think about it.

  • I will research some “thing” 4ever — comparing design, price, the what if’s — but I usually reach an understanding that might even alter the “thing” I was researching in the first place. This process would drive a lot of people insane. Once I have what I need to know out on the table, I usually can narrow choices down to 2 and then the real angst begins!

  • Still looking for the perfect chair in my living room … one that will go well with the existing furniture and one that would stand the test of time…the more i look, the more confused I get!…definitely paralyzed!!

  • I need to decide on a couple of paint colors. I’ve been wanting to change the color of the front door for almost 2 years now and I painted the living room nearly a year ago the same color as the adjoining dining room (which I love), but I hate it – looks very different. Painting is just so much work and not all that cheap anymore (since I buy Ben. Moore) that I’m frozen! I don’t want to make another decision I don’t like, but I have no idea what I want in there. *sigh* I think I have it narrowed down to a green, green-grey or a creamy white. Which doesn’t really narrow it down all that much. Another sigh.

  • Hi Darlene,
    Usually I can make a decision quickly; however it is the panels for my bedroom window (wide) that has held me up. Right now they have to wait…though I love, love looking at fabrics!

    Art by Karena

  • Ok, your soft aqua and cocoa tan are the exact colors I have in the living room and definitely want to continue in the familyroom kitchen. So, I just need to get out the paint can and transform a couple of things and get to the fabric store. Thanks for the push. Enough of just sitting around. Hugs, Marty

  • Kitchen countertops! ARGH! Love the look of white marble but just can’t do it with the way we live. I’ve been looking into numerous brands of quartz that look like marble but it’s just not the same. I’m going to check into granite this weekend but really I need to stop thinking it will be a “smack me in the face” kind of moment where I decide this is it or love at first sight. I crack up because I’m in school for interior design and people think I should just know what I want. It’s not always that simple…I like to equate it with creating art, you never really know until it’s done. Yet, you are guided by your artistic vision.

  • This is such great advice! I have spent a lot of time being indecisive and scared of imperfection. I’m an interior decorator so feel that I am judged by clients/friends by my own home. I doubt anyone is really judging me but myself. My home is fine, it’s not “exactly” how I’d like it to be because I am on a budget, a shoestring budget, but it’s fine. We all need to stop being so hard on ourselves and just do it. Easier said than done but I am getting better. Thanks for the encouragement.:)

  • When I finished a major project last May, my husband said, “so do you want to tackle the powder room or the kitchen? You could spend the summer on it!” I picked the powder room. And I can’t even decide what color to paint it.

    I need to move on that bathroom. Just move. What’s the big deal about paint? It’s cheap to fix if I hate it. I need to make a decision, but just don’t know!

  • A head board. 20 years of marriage (this year) and we have never purchased anything other than a king matress, box spring, and frame… too hard to find something I want to commit to! 20 years of marriage!! AT LEAST I committed to THAT!!!! :)

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