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I am SO excited to teach you how to make your own Signature Style Board today, and even MORE excited about those of you who are going to share them with us {more on that later}!!

First, I must make an earth-shattering announcement:

I am on Instagram!!!

I know. I know. You can hardly contain your excitement. But for realsy, it is so much fun already.

I have entered the new millennium, and I now have an iPhone {y’all. how do people afford these phones??? I had to wait until I could write one off for business, and even still, I had to finagle a plan with Smart Talk in order to even consider it [sidebar to my sidebar, I only pay $45/month with Smart Talk for unlimited playtime with the iPhone 5. Check it out. True Story]. And yet, it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry age 23 has one. How are these people paying for $100+ plans per month?? Do explain.}.


That may have been my biggest Digression Moment here at FHD ever.

My point?

Come follow me on Instagram!


Look. Here is my pretty, first-ever pic from Instagram. This was moments after hubby built me a fire, and moments before I sat on my fancy fanny for an hour or so…

signature style board

 And now. Since that is the perfect segue into my Overcoming Decorating Paralysis series….


Remember this ol’ Overcoming Decorating Paralysis post, all about finding your signature style?:


The one where I boldly cried out:

Knowing your Signature Style comes from several years of repeatedly choosing what you love. { <- Tweet this }

And I gave you some general guidelines for identifying your OWN signature style?

{If you didn’t read it, you’ve just gotta go back and read the post… start defining that signature style of yours!}


And we chatted about this stunningly amazing icon and took a look-sy at her own Signature Style:

signature style board

surely you have figured out which amazing icon I was talking about.

Because her style is THAT signature.

 Well, now.

Do I have a FUN exercise for you today!

Today we are going to learn how to make our own Signature Style Board:

 signature style board

Take a look at mine! It was so much fun to pick out my favorite Signature Style pictures:

Signature Style Board

//  I hope you will have a blast and make one of your own //

And here is the How-To:

{don’t be boxed in by these directions, they are simply here for you if you have no idea where to begin, or how to make a collage}

  1. Head over to your Pinterest Pinboards, or any other collection of digital inspiration pics you have.
  2. Select 6-9 of your FAVORITE images ever, based solely on what you find to be beautiful and pleasing to your eye. Select images that you feel visually define your signature style
  3. Save those pics to your computer, in a place where you can easily find them. {If you are not sure how to do this, trust me, Google and You-tube can answer nearly any tech-challenged question you can throw at them!}
  4. Go to PicMonkey.com
  5. Click on the top tab that says “Create a Collage”
  6. Select “Open” from the top tabs and then import your signature style photos. They will be opened over in a column on the left side of the screen.
  7. Next, open your layout options, by clicking on the second icon down {all the way to the left} entitled “Layouts”
  8. Select the layout you like best that will work with the number of pics you have. I prefer the 9-square layout under “Square Deal.”
  9. Click back on the first icon, the one that looks like a mountain, entitled “Images”
  10. From there, drag the images you want into the spot you want. You can re-drag or move the images around until you are happy.
  11. When you are finished with your Signature Style Board, be sure to click “Save” at the top.
  12. Give your Board a name, Save, and then enjoy! Or plaster it all over the internet. Or better yet: Share it with us!!!
  13. UPDATE!!!!! Pin your Signature Style Board to your Pinterest account, then leave a link here. I will add YOUR BOARD to the “Your Signature Style Boards” Pinboard and share it with my Pin followers!

So, here is the deal.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your Signature Style Boards!

Once you have created your masterpiece, find somewhere public on the web to stash it, and then leave a link in the comments below so that we can all see your Signature Style Board! {to all you nudists out there, I am sorry. Please don’t link all that stuff up, ya hear?}

******UPDATE!!!!! Pin your Signature Style Board to your Pinterest account, then leave a link here. I will add YOUR BOARD to the “Your Signature Style Boards” Pinboard and share it with my Pin followers!*****

 Even if you don’t have a link-up, I would love to hear your thoughts on creating a Signature Style Board, iPhones for rich kids, nudists, whatever….

{man. I am sassy today}




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