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Monday, February 25, 2013 by {darlene}

Today’s ditto | a room I love post features the living room of a stunning Madrid renovation.

{Ditto | Room I Love posts demonstrate a great exercise for you as you continue to develop your own personal style: using your own favorite pictures, and making a quick list of what you actually love about the space. If you study what you love about a space, it helps you to bring what you LOVE into your own home!}

Can you feel the warm and colorful Spanish Madrid flair in this gutsy space?

This is a room I love. Do you love it?:

A Madrid beauty  {via Nuevo Estilo}

A Madrid beauty

 {via Nuevo Estilo}

A Madrid beauty

{via Nuevo Estilo}

WHAT I LOVE {What I would ditto!}:

1. The colors. So vibrant, but balanced so well with large chunks of whites, blacks, and golds.

2. The bold, geometric, navy and white rug.

3. Navy and Berry!

4. Books and books. Sorted by color. Love a bookshelf filled with …. BOOKS! {lesson in design: how to style a bookshelf}

5. Contrast Piping!! Makes me happy.

6. Two, smaller, matching coffee tables instead of one large one.

7. Huge art in a simple frame as the sole decor over a large sofa.

8. The addition of subtle pattern in the flowing drapes. {lesson in design: why use drapes}

9. The two-zone floor plan of this extra long living room. The space has essentially been divided into two different living rooms, each with a slightly different feel. And yet, the decor and colors work well together.

10. Live flowers and plants, of course!

And just in case I did not profess my love for this color scheme enough, did you happen to see the little Instagram snapshot of mine of the fabrics I am using in upcoming Living Room changes at Fieldstone Hill. See any similarities????:

madrid post



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  • LOVE the velvet berry sofa! And the coffee tables. I did the same thing recently – 2 smaller tables together :) Always makes me smile when I do something stylish. I also love the built-ins – the molding shape around the front is so unique. And contrast piping is always a favorite of mine, too.

  • I love the bookshelves with the books by color. It is so dramatic and truly shows off the color. I’m wondering though how you ever find your books? I currently have mine by subject tallest to shortest. It makes them easier to find but these colors are so awesome when done in a group. Suggestions? Also, my bookshelf is just a very pale kaki. Is it best to have a bookcase that just sort of blends in to the wall or one that stands out.?
    Looking forward to the new book!! It’s in my Amazon “bag”.

    • Thanks Robinanne! I hope you LOVE the book… and get it while it is on this great preorder price!!

      How I sort my books depends completely upon what books I have for the space. For my upcoming school room, I will be sorting by subject. But for a space like a living room, I try to use only hardcover books without the covers. I play around with them until I find what I like!

      As to your question about what is better, bookshelves that blend in or ones that stand out? I cannot answer that with a rule. It truly depends on what you like and what the rest of the room calls for! Don’t decorate by rules…. pick what you LOVE and trust that it will reflect you and your style. If you are still stuck, find an inspiration pic you love, and ditto it!

  • Love the red, white & blue color scheme , black lacquered shade and Greek Key rug. I love that I done dittoed that chrome lamp in our second house back in the 70s!

  • Gorgeous…intense color and pattern get me every time. And I LOVE your pillow with the strips…with all my ribbony guts.

  • It’s a little on the busy side for me. But, what I love about it is the mix of metals. I think mixing brass with stainless, etc. gives a room life.

  • LOVE IT!

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